Mrs. Crow's 5th Grade Classroom Expectations

  • The expectations, rules, procedures, and consequences of my classroom are intended to keep the classroom environment safe, orderly, and productive.  Please respect the rules so that we can not only maximize our learning time together, but have a classroom environment where all students feel comfortable making mistakes, participating in unfamiliar activites and assignments, and feel free to share their thoughts and opinions openly.

         Respect Yourself, the Teachers & Others                                                                                                                Show Respect for the teacher, yourself and others AT ALL TIMES.  Regardless of how you feel (happiness, anger, frustration, and fear), you are expected to be respectful to those around you.  Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  Aggressive, unwanted or unsolicited physical  contact will not be tolerated and will have immediate consequences.  Respect the property of others.  Avoid touching, writing on, or mistreating anything that does not belong to you.  Classroom items and tools for learning should be used responsibly and with care.  Respect yourself and the rest of the class by using appropriate language. Language and expressions used at home are not always "school appropriate".   

         Put Forth Your Best Effort At All Times                                                                                                                   Always do your own best work. I want to know what you know, not what the person next to you knows!  If you do not understand, ask! Frustration, a lack of understanding, and feeling rushed do not justify handing in sloppy or incomplete work.  Remember to put the quality of your work ahead of "just getting it done". 

        Be Prepared for Class Each Day                                                                                                                                                   Begin each class/subject prepared with all the materials necessary to participate in the lesson and complete the assignments. 

         Preserve a Positive Learning Environment                                                                                                                             Actions that interfere with teaching or learning in the classroom will NOT be tolerated.  Talking out of turn, getting out of your seat without permission, inappropriate noise levels, and other disruptive behaviors will result in immediate consequences.  This can include anything from a verbal warning, a written reflection of inappropriate behavior, to loss of recess or removal from class.                                

           Take Responsibility for Your Actions                                                                                                                                         If you did not meet an expectation or broke a rule, own up to it.  Don't deny it, lie about it, or blame someone else.  Missed assignments are your responsibility, not your parents.  Handbook, school, and classroom rules will be enforced.  Those who choose to break the rules and expectations written and/or verbally stated, should be prepared to accept the consequences for their actions.