• The purpose of this page is to inform Parents and students of our Learning Requirements and Learning Targets  for Each Quarter.


    Essential Standards By Quarter:


    Quarter 1:



    • For Quarter 1, the essential standards and skills include: 

    💡determining the central idea and/or theme of works of literature (stories, poems, and dramas) and how the theme is developed

    📜writing a summary of a story without opinions or unimportant information

    ➡️describing how the story’s plot is developed and how the characters are changed as a result of the plot

    👁️‍🗨️explaining how the author develops the point of view of the story

    Writing: ✏️writing narratives to develop real or imagined experiences 



    This quarter we have the following goals:

    • You will develop and use models to represent that matter is made up of smaller particles called atoms.
    • Analyze and interpret data to show that changes in states of matter are caused by different rates of movement of atoms in solids, liquids, and gases .
    • Plan and carry out an investigation to demonstrate that variations in temperature and/or pressure affect changes in state of matter.  


     we are learning about (1) finding area, surface area & volume; (2) understanding ratio concepts & using ratio reasoning; (3) developing fluency with dividing fractions by fractions


    Social studies:

    This quarter, students will explore how early hominids developed and used tools and technology to survive and prosper within their ever-changing environment. They will examine the Neolithic revolution and gain an understanding of the impact of agriculture on the evolution of human civilizations.  Civilizations such as Mesopotamia, the Nile River Valley, the Indus River Valley, and the Yellow River Valley will be investigated.