• "Attending the Scitech Festival was  fun, entertaining, where one can learn ideas to improve one’s STEM skills. We learned the importance of  teamwork from the Keynote Speaker, and that even though you have no resources,  you can still beat the best and be the best at what you do. We did a lot of networking  and met important people that can sponsor your school’s STEAM program  The most exciting part was getting “free” materials/resources from their booth. One of the workshops we attended was the CSO round -table discussion where each CSO pitched their Vision Statements to teachers, students and business partners who does not have knowledge of what a CSO is."- Emma Applegate, 7th Grader

    "Last Thursday, the Chief Science Officers and I, went to the AZ Sci-Tech Festival. It was a huge Festival at the Masa, Performing Arts Center that was all about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. There were booths that different companies had set up with fun activities to do, like virtual reality, coding and, even touching a sheep's brain! There were news reporters there too! I got to take an interesting class that really got me thinking. Emma A. and I also performed in AZ Got Talent, which is a Science show. We did an optical illusion presentation in front of a ton of people! Now I can't wait till next year!" Zoey Miller, 7th Grader

    "I had an amazing time at the Arizona Scitech Festival and I learned so much. I saw many 3D printeers which I have never seen before, and thought they were amazing. I learned about the movie Spare Parts and the inspirational story behind it, and about how no matter where you come from you can achieve great things just like Carl-Hayden High School robotics did. I had the opportunity to teach a science teacher from a school about the Chief Science Officer program, and he seemed very interested. The Arizona SciTech festival was very educational and enjoyable" - Logan Juncaj, 8th Grader