ELA Resources

    These websites will be the ones we use on a regular basis: 

    Canvas: Need to log in with school login info

    ReadWorks Make sure to sign in with google and use school login 

    Commonlit: Be sure to login with Google, using school login



    Fun Enrichment sites for Reading:

    Scholastic Learning - No login needed. Fun and engaging articles with questions and assignments to enhance their understanding 

    ReadTheory- Login with school login. Articles at your child's reading level that 

    Epic Books - Login with class code and then find student account. Class code is on each weekly learning plan. Email me if you need help. This is a website full of current books (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, DogMan, etc) that students can read online for FREE

    Story Online - No login needed. Different books prerecorded and read by authors and other adults that the students can listen to and watch. 

    Wonderopolis- No login needed. A website devoted to answering the questions that people wonder about. How often is "once in a blue moon"? What is a quotient? Are graphic novels considered books or comics? 

    ReadWorks Library- Sign in using school login. Click Library. All kinds of articles that cater to your child's interest. 

    Typing games - No login needed. Used to practice typing skills.