• Minutes for August 16, 2017.


            Everyone except Ethan E. (Times Unknown.)

        Tree Watering - Don't forget to water the tree Garret! Ask for help if you need some!

        Spirit Leaders - Ask your friends if they're interested! Get them involved!

        T-Shirts - Create your own T-Shirts for the 2017-2018 Stugo! Be creative!

        Fundraising Ideas - Come up with profitable ideas!

    Minutes for August 30, 2017.


            7:30 Garret, Ethan C, Princeton, Brandon, Victoria, Jadeyn.

            7:31 Jesse, Logan, Makeylan, Jadyn.

        Snack Bar - Don't forget, Snacks are stored in conference room. Money box in Ms. Mcallisters room.

        Fundraisers - Smencils($1 a pencil), Raffles (ex - Throwback Thursday by Mrs. Matt), Cookie Dough in the spring (less hectic). Dollar Hat Day, Hot Chocolate.

        T-Shirt/Sweatshirt - Jesse's design for sweatshirt, Ms.Mcallisters design for shirt.