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    Advanced Fitness Center offers the student a variety of methods and activities to achieve personal fitness goals and gain an appreciation for lifetime fitness. The goal for this course is to promote a lifelong commitment to fitness by giving students the tools necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout life. This course will include an intense program in physical fitness through warm-up, cardiovascular, and cool-down activities. This class will also include strengthening and toning activities. Students will also learn about muscles, nutrition, and weight control.

    Assessment and Grading:

    Each module will consist of the following activities: discussions, assignments, tests and quizzes, participation logs and fitness gram tests/logs.  Grades are weighted by groups and will reflect the 90-80-70-60-50 grading scale at the end of the course. Students must pass the final exam with a 60% or above to pass the course along with a final semester grade of 60% or above.

    Participation Requirement:

    As a requirement of this course, you will be required to complete weekly participation logs or fitness gram test results at the end of each Module.  Keep in mind that this is a big part of this course since it is a participation oriented type of course. Late participation logs or fitness gram logs will not be accepted!!

    Course Objectives:

    By the end of the course, students will be able to meet the following objectives:

    1. List the benefits of exercise and explain the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
    2. Describe and perform a body composition test.
    3. Monitor their target heart rate for optimal performance.
    4. Write a personal fitness goal and implement into a workout and meal plan.
    5. Name the different muscles in the body and Explain how the muscle works during exercise.
    6. Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.
    7. Explain the following terms: cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and the principles of training.