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    Ethan Gilchrist first place in photography at the DVUSD District Show

    Ethan Gilchrist,  my online photography student.  Won 1st place in the DVUSD district art show.

    2D Design Digital Photography 1-2

    Course Description:

    The purpose of this course is to give the students an overview of digital photography as an art form.  Areas of study are basic photography techniques and the use of principles and elements of art to create original compositions.  Students will gain knowledge in the history of photography, the appreciation of photography as a form of art, and the creation of photographs with good composition and quality.

    Students are expected to participate in course discussions, complete assignments in photo history and appreciation, and to take photographs for assignments using a camera, phone or tablet.  Keeping up with due dates and participating in the course to keep up with annoucements and events is the key to success. 

    Course Objectives:

    To gain an awareness of photography as an art form, and to be able to create photographs with good design and purpose.

    Supplies : 

    You can use your phone, ipad or any DSLR camera for the class to take photos. If you are using a DSLR you will also need an SD card and an adapter to transfer your photos to a computer to turn them in. 




    Charcoal Drawing

    Charocoal drawing by my student, Josie Leatherwood.  Won the 2019 Congressional Art Award for Lesko's district, 2 scholarship awards at the Shemer New Horizons show and first place in the DVUSD district art show.

    Drawing 1 - 2

    Course Description: 

    This course uses the prior knowledge learned in Intro to Art to continue the conversation about the Elements of Art and the Principles of design, with a focus on drawing skills. No matter what your current level of drawing this course will help you improve those skills as well as develop new ones.

    Course Objective: 

    Students will learn about numerous drawing tools, techniques and skills. They will also be exposed to different types of artists and styles. After you complete this course you will be able to create, relate, evaluate and appreciate all different types of drawings.  This is a traditional drawing course- no digital drawing, supplies are required. 

    Required Supplies: 

    White drawing paper ( can use a sketchbook ) Suggested size : 9 X 12 " 

    Pencil, eraser- any brand.  I would suggest an set of drawing pencils for more serious art students. 

    Colored pencils- any brand is okay I suggest Prismcolor brand for the serious art students

    Black liner or pen - any brand,  I like Micron brand.