• Schools Out for Summer!

    Posted by Lauren Clark on 5/30/2018

    Summer is officially here and our classroom has been packed up for a remodel.  We are excited to see all that is new when we return in August. 

     As I reflect on a fantastic school year and begin looking ahead towards a new year, I'll be sharing some photos of the play, learning and exploration in action at Arrowhead Community Education Preschool.  I hope you enjoy!


    Designing pyramids


    Our block center was busy and bustling.  It is a place for action as well as academic focus.  STEM comes alive in the block area as our students collaborate, create, design and experiement with building processes.


    Observational Drawings  

    Researching interests

    Free to explore writing, drawing, creating at the writing space. 


    Arrowheads garden

    Salsa, salads and sunshine were in abundance in our garden this year.  Ms. Gloria's expertise kept herbs growing and tomatoes budding all year long.  Students watered, nurtured and harvested their crops weekly.









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  • Buildings. What makes them sturdy?

    Posted by Lauren Clark on 10/5/2017

    As our building unit comes to a close and new interests emerge, Arrowhead preschool students are quite engaged with experimenting with structure and stability of all types of buildings.  We've played the earthquake game, tested sturdiness of block towers using fans, and used shaving cream as mortar to hold block structures together.   

    Is it sturdy?  

    When will it fall?

    How long are we?  How tall are our buildings?

    We've enjoyed reading The Three Little Javelinas and learned about tumbleweeds, saquaro ribs and adobe bricks - building materials the javelinas gathered from the Arizona desert.  We even made our own adobe bricks out of clay, sand and water.  Next week, we'll test them out and see if they are sturdy.  The children made their predictions today.

    Making adobe bricks

    Adobe bricks



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  • Buildings and Building

    Posted by Lauren Clark on 9/13/2017

    Arrowhead preschoolers have been actively engaged in our new building study. We've discussed what we know about buildings.  We're currently exploring structure and stability with the help of the Three Little Pigs.  Our block center has been taken over by boxes of all sizes and the creations have been endless - from forts and bridges, to skyscrapers and the three pigs houses.

    Let's see if we can blow it down!

    In the science area, we used interlocking blocks and natural materials to create "tree houses".

    What could you do in a tree house?

    We've been busy in other areas of the classroom too!  We're using letter stones to find the letters in our names and friend's names, learning to take turns and count when playing math games and spending a lot of time exploring rhyming and syllable counting.

    Can you find the letters of your name?


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