Take care of your library book!
  • Dear Parents,

    Every week your child has the opportunity to visit the library with their class and check out either one or two library books.  At the beginning of the school year when students begin to visit the library we talk about being responsible and taking care of our library books.  We also learn about the proper care and handling of books.

    When a library book is not returned it becomes overdue and/or lost.  If you receive a library charge via emial, regular mail, or sent home with your child, the charge will have the title of the book and the replacement cost if you cannot locate the library book.

    Please be aware that if a lost or damaged library book(s) is not paid for, this fine stays on a students record until it is cleared. 

    If you have received a library charge for an overdue, lost, or damaged library book and you have questions or concerns, please contact the library at 602-467-6313.