• Desert Sky Middle School Physical Education Staff:

    Kimberly Hahn (kim.hahn@dvusd.org) 602-467-6532



    Desert Sky Physical Education Department

    Physical Education Rules and Grading Procedures

    Desert Sky Middle School will offer a comprehensive Physical Education program that adheres to state and district guidelines.  We believe our program will challenge each student to reach his/her highest potential and allow opportunities for success and enjoyment.

    I would like to explain a few items of importance to you and your child about our Physical Education program here at Desert Sky Middle School.  Students will need to dress for activity each day they attend their PE class. If students are not able to participate due to not being dressed appropriately for activity, a loss of points will be a result. If a student is being excused for any reason he/she must take their note to the school nurse.  They will be excused from class and will need to complete an alternative activity for their points.

    Throughout the school year, students will participate in a variety of team sport drills, fitness concepts and activities, individual sports, cooperative activities, and health.

    Grading is based completely on effort, participation, assessments, top 20 skills, and sportsmanship.  Students may lose points for choosing to not dress out, not participating, not following game rules and class expectations, and for not following safety guidelines.


    Grading Scale=

    100 - 90 = A

    89 - 80 = B

    79 - 70 = C

    69 - 60 = F

    59 and below F