• Keep Calm and Love Reading

    Welcome to 5th Grade ELA! 

    Language arts instruction consists of a combination of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. My goal is to provide a comprehensive approach to developing and improving reading fluency, vocabulary, writing skills, comprehension & more, while making it relative.

    Collaboration is an important part of our classroom. Students will often work with peers through discussion activities that encourage working together to aid in relationships with others. 

    Homework is periodically assigned. It is expected ALL students will read a minimum of 20 minutes silently to enhance fluency skills at their lexile level. Students should have a chapter book with them at all times at school or choose one from the class library. There will also be opportunity to visit the school library. Please check their agendas daily for information. 


    Students are to have their GRIT card, agenda, homework and school supplies  with them daily.

    Communication: I can be contacted via email at: sharon.johnston@dvusd.org


    UNIT 1: What kind of challenges do people face and how do they meet them?

    Plot, kinds of sentences, homophones, cause and effect, theme, setting, fact vs opinion, inferring, summarizing, questioning,text structure, context clues, vocabulary.

    Students have received an information resource sheet that identifies the stories and areas we will cover in this unit.


    Unit 1 Section 1       Battle of the Books    Unit 1