• Dear DVUSD Parents, Students, and Community

    The recent release of the AzMERIT test results and A-F letter grades for Arizona’s Schools shows that about 85% of DVUSD schools received an A (Excellent) or B (Highly Performing) grade. DVUSD students continue to score higher on the AzMERIT tests than the average State and Charter School student.

    While that is good news, it’s important to keep the letter grades in perspective. We don’t want to put too much or too little emphasis on what these grades mean. The grades and test results can give us an indication of how well we are doing, but they don’t paint the whole picture of student achievement. For example, several of our schools were within a point or two of the next highest grade.

    As a District, we will continue to move forward with a focus on continuous improvement. Our schools will continue teaching our state standards and work hard to increase student achievement. We know that if we stay focused on what matters most – excellent teaching and engaged learning – we will continue to thrive and succeed.


    Dr. Curtis Finch



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Chart of AzMERIT Math and ELA