PACE Heading
  • PACE

    At Stetson Hills we created our PACE acronym. P-Perseverance/Pride, A-Attitude/Accountability, C-Cooperation/Caring, E-Excellence/Engaged. Students have been taught campus expectations using the PACE acronym. Expectations are posted throughout campus in high traffic areas such as the cafeteria, playground, classrooms, and restrooms.


    PACE Tickets

    When students exhibiting PACE behavior, staff members may give them a PACE ticket:  Students are given the white copy of the ticket and the yellow copy is kept by the homeroom teacher. Classroom teachers use PACE tickets to choose Stallion of the Week, PACE Luncheon, and recognize students for following expectations.


    Keeping the PACE Luncheon (Quarterly)

    Each time a student receives a PACE ticket, the student is entered into a quarterly school-wide drawing. Two students’ tickets per grade level will be drawn and invited to a luncheon with administration. These students will receive public recognition and incentives by the Principal and Assistant Principal.

    Quarterly Winners

pace expectations chart