3rd Quarter Concepts 2017/2018

  • The student will;

    Describe, while modeling, the relative positions of the earth,moon, and sun during lunar and solar eclipses

    Describe ,while modeling, the relative positions of the earth, moon, and sun that create tides, e.g., spring and neap

    Identify,while modeling, positions of the earth and sun related to angles of incidence that result in seasons

    Identify ,while modeling,phases of the moon in relation to positions of the earth, sun, and moon

    Indentify ,while modeling, the cause of earth's Seasons

    Identify ,while modeling, latitudes as they relate to angles of solar incidence

     Identify ,while modeling, components of solar systems, galaxies, and universes

     Identify individuals and their ontributions to astronomy, e.g., Lowell, Copernicus, Galileo, Hubble

     Explain the relationship between earth's tilt and seasons ,while modeling.

     Identify constellations

    Identify ,and model the location of constellations and the seasons when visible in Arizona, e.g.,                   

    Ursa Major, Orion, Scorpius, Cygnus

    Identify a testable question.

    Identify the reason for a hypothesis

    Identifying and Graphing variables

    ID tools of science reflecting telescope vs. refracting telescope.

    Describe how science and technology are inter-related using examples from the historical development of astronomy.