• Writing Narratives and Story Elements.

    Posted by Katherine Brown on 8/19/2019 5:00:00 PM

    Narrative writing is like writing a story. Today in writing, we reviewed the elements that make up a good story. Here is the interactive site students used to review the story elements.


    Cinderella interactive Cinderella interactive 


    The rest of this week, students will be interacting with the AZ Merit narrative rubric. They will pick apart each task and put it in their own words. They will look at organization and structure as well as evidenc and elaboration. 


    AZ Merit Narrative Writing Rubric

    They will then be given a narrative writing prompt and will start with understanding the prompt and writing a strong introduction.

    Writing a narrative powerpoint

    Writing a narrative you tube videos to support understanding 

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  • informative writing process Do What to rough draft.

    Posted by Katherine Brown on 2/21/2019

    attached is a video of the informative writing process from understanding the prompt to writing a rough draft. https://youtu.be/4utX7uyFEt0

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  • Perfect Verb Tense

    Posted by Katherine Brown on 1/23/2019

    Students focus heavily on verbs in 5th grade. They move beyond simple verb tense and learn about perfect verb tense. This powerpoint shows the different tenses. 


    Perfect Verb Tense powerpoint click here

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  • Informational text

    Posted by Katherine Brown on 1/14/2019

    The following is a powerpoint to help support student's understanding of  writing informational text.


    Informational text powerpoint 

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  • Figurative language

    Posted by Katherine Brown on 11/28/2018 7:00:00 AM

    This is a little late in coming so I am sorry. The powerpoint can also be found on the google classroom for students. This is just a quick review of figurative language. Students took notes from this powerpoint right before Thanksgiving break. 

    Figurative Language Powerpoint 

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  • opinion writing

    Posted by Katherine Brown on 10/30/2018

    This is the powerpoint students reviewed for opinion writing. instructional resources can also be found on their google classroom! 

    Opinion writing powerpoint

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  • Non-fiction text powerpoint

    Posted by Katherine Brown on 9/3/2018 11:00:00 PM

    Here is the powerpoint students will be revieiwng in order to understand how to read and comprehend non-fiction text! 

    Non-fiction text powerpoint

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  • Narrative writing helps

    Posted by Katherine Brown on 8/28/2018 9:00:00 PM

    Here are some great tutorials I found on youtube. I did not create these but they are good little videos to support narrative writing. I have also included a narrative writing powerpoint that reviews the Write from the Beginning structure for writing.



    Writing a Narrative Powerpoint



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  • Story elements powerpoint

    Posted by Katherine Brown on 8/28/2018 9:00:00 PM

    This is a powerpoint that breaks down some of the story elements. Students are taking notes of this in class. 

    Elements of a Story powerpoint

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  • Story Elements

    Posted by Katherine Brown on 8/28/2018 9:00:00 PM

    While working on narrative writing, students are also reviewing story elements. This is a quick and simple activity your child can do to review story elements. 

    Story elements link:


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