Graduation Requirements

  • 4 credits of English Language Arts

    4 credits of Math

    3 credits of Lab Science, one of which must be Biology

    .5 credit of Physical Education

    .5 credit of Health

    1 credit of World History

    1 credit of American/AZ History                                                                

    .5 credit American/AZ Government                                                        

    .5 credit Economics (or completion of Marketing & Advanced Marketing)

    1 credit of a Career Technical Education (CTE) or a Fine Arts class                                               

    6 elective credits         

    (22 credits total)                    

Arizona Universities Requirements

  • 4 credits of English Language Arts

    4 credits of Math (Algebra 1-2, Geometry, Algebra 3-4, and an advanced math class of which Algebra 3-4 is a prerequisite)

    3 credits of Lab Science (one year each from three of the following:  Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics (an integrated science or an advanced science may be substituted for one required course)

    2 credits of high school Social Science including one year of American History

    2 credits of same high school Foreign Language  (*except NAU)

    1 credit of Fine Arts or CTE (out of state universities still require a Fine Art)

Class Rank

  • The following designated courses will be used when calculating the high school class ranking list:

    Freshman                            Sophomore                        Junior                                    Senior

    Eng. Language Arts          Eng. Language Arts          Eng. Language Arts          Eng. Language Arts

    Math                                     Math                                     Math                                     Math

    Science                                 Science                                 Science                                 Science

    Social Studies                     Social Studies                     Social Studies


    *If more than one class is taken in the same designated subject area during the same semester, the class with the highest grade will be used. If the grades are the same, the most advanced level class will be used.

    *Only the designated classes taken during the freshman through senior years and approved classes taken in 7th and 8th grades will be used for class ranking.

    *This proposal applies to class ranking only, not to individual GPA. The individual GPA will continue to include all classes on a student’s transcript. Seniors are ranked in September, January and June of their graduating year; juniors, sophomores, and freshman are ranked for end of year rank in September and again in January. (It should be noted that the universities recalculate the individual GPA according to their own formula.)

    * Qualifying classes from the designated subject areas will include non-elective courses that meet the requirements for graduation.

    * Students who do not take all fifteen core courses listed above will be negatively impacted in class ranking.