• Supplies

  • Individual Supplies: Updated for 2019-2020

    • Two zippered pencil cases with holes to put in a 3 ring binder: 1 for math pencil supplies, 1 for spelling words
    • one plastic pencil box to keep other supplies in (nothing fancy, please, just the simple plastic box is great!)
    • Two boxes of Ticonderoga pre-sharpened pencils (NO mechanical pencils please!)
    • Highlighters - green, blue, pink (These colors in sandwich size zip lock bag with name on each marker)
    • 4 two pocket folders - green, blue, red, yellow (These colors, please. No interior clips needed.)
    • 4 regular ruled (not college) Composition notebooks - Green, blue, red, black (These colors please.)
    • 1'' white 3 ring binder with a see-through clear plastic cover on front (Math Module Binder) (We will label it in class.)
    • 2" white 3 ring binder with a see-through plastic cover on front (STAR binder with planner, etc.) (We will organize it in class.)
    • 1 personal white board (8X10 inches or so...just none that are larger than a notebook. Those with no rims work best.)
    • pre-sharpened colored pencils or crayons or both
    • thin-tip markers
    • regular markers (optional)
    • 1 pair of scissors with name on it in permanent marker
    • 4 Expo dry erase markers (in sandwich size zip lock bag with name on each marker)
    • 1 package of large erasers
    • 1 package of pencil top erasers
    • 1 package of glue sticks (NO Elmer's glue needed!)
    • Backpack to carry items
    • Student's first and last name written in small print at top right corner of cover of composition notebooks and pocket folders

    At Meet the Teacher night, I will show you how to organize all the supplies with your child for his or her first day of school! :)

    Classroom Supplies: Updated for 2019-2020

    • 4 Expo dry erase markers (in addition to personal supply)
    • 1 additional box of Ticonderoga sharpened pencils (NO mechanical pencils please.)
    • 1 container of baby wipes for cleaning
    • 1 package of Sandwich sized Ziploc baggies - Boys
    • 1 package of Gallon sized Ziploc baggies - Girls
    • 1 regular size box of facial tissues
    • 1 package of plastic sheet protectors

    Thank you for your support of our classroom!!!


    "Arizona law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success. This list represents optional, supplementary items which you may supply, at your discretion.”