• Tips for Math Class

    Participate Fully In Class – Students should take notes and copy examples into their module, engage in small and whole group discussions, ask questions, and stay on task. Avoid distractions by having all of your supplies and always being prepared in a timely manner.


    Do Homework Every Day – Because of the need for practice to attain math skills, there is homework assigned every day, with few exceptions. Every single problem should be attempted with full effort. You can’t learn from mistakes if you don’t do enough to make them. Ask your child to see their work daily, and ask a few questions so they get the chance to show off what they’ve learned and use new vocabulary.


    Stop By for Extra Help – I am available every morning from 7:55-8:10, and at certain lunches. If students take advantage of those opportunities and need more help, we will arrange more time together. Again, they have to have attempted work in order for me to see where they are making mistakes and be able to give them help.


    When Absent – Be Proactive – Next week’s lessons are copied into student agendas on Friday each week, as well as posted on my website before I leave for the weekend. Students should avoid falling behind from an absence by completing as much of the lesson as possible while they are out.


    Have Confidence! – Every single student I have has the ability to learn math! It is not a matter of innate ability; but the grit, perseverance, and belief that you can attain success if you put in the effort. Kids can’t hear this message enough! We adults, too!


    Stay Motivated! – Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it! -Talk to your child about their future dreams and how their education is vital for achieving it! Remind them that you believe in them and are there to support them!