• Art 1: Basic Design

    First Quarter Assignments/Points

    3-Part Project

    Shoe Project 

    Second Quarter Assignments/Points

    Famous Quotes Project (Mixed Media)

    Self Portrait

    Additional projects may be explored, projects may overlap quarters, points may vary. 

    Grading Scale: A=90%, B=80%, C=70%, D=60%

    Grading: Your project will be based on: 

    1. Effort (20%) This includes; using all of your class time, cleaning your desk and having correct materials.
    2. Neatness and Correct Presentation (20%)
    3. Quality of Work (60%) Criteria for the quality of work will be based on the Elements and Principles of Design and standards for the media students are working in. Students will be aware of the goals for each assignment.

    Homework: Homework in Basic Design consists of finishing projects that a student was not able to complete in class. Students may work in the art room during lunch if there is room available. They may also work on certain days before and after school.

    Goals: To understand the application of the Elements and the Prinicples of Design

               To learn about different media including pencil, ink, water based paint.

               To learn techniques for drawing and painting the world around us

               To express creativity, to feel good about ourselves as artists and learn to critique art

               To learn what is aesthetically pleasing and why

               To learn how to problem solve visually and abstractly

     Mr. Madison: Room 801, E-Mail Christopher.Madison@dvusd.org