• Visual Arts

    The purpose of this course is to introduce the students to the basic fundamentals of art in which they can expand their visual arts knowledge and skills. The principles and elements of design play a key role in these courses. Manipulative and organizational skills will be challenged through various art ideas, color theories, and problem solving concepts. Students will also explore two-dimensional artwork versus three-dimensional artwork in multi-media capacity. Art history will also be incorporated so that the students will understand how art reflects, records and shapes history in every culture.


    Art Supply List


    Art Room Rules

    A set of classroom rules and consequences have been established and will be maintained throughout the semester.

    1. Respect each other
    2. Properly use supplies, tools, and materials as demonstrated
    3. Come prepared to work
    4. Clean up after yourself
    5. Be creative and use your imagination


    Instagram and Twitter

    I have a classroom Instagram -@adventuresofmadisonnart- and Twitter account -@Mr_ChrisMadison- to keep students and parents/guardians updated on current classroom projects, art, school, and community events. These classroom accounts are designed to globally connect with other educators and artists with in-the-moment updates – like a “virtual art gallery.” These are used for educational purposes only. Students’ full names and faces will not be featured on the account.


    Assessments and Late Policy

    Students are given approximately 5-15 classes to complete a project, depending on the complexity of the assigned task. If the majority of the class needs more time, the due date will be extended. After the due date, all work in class will stop. If you need to complete the assignment, it may be taken home to be completed. Students may also choose to work on it during lunch or before/after school with permission. All work must be submitted by the end of the quarter in order to receive credit.