MRHS Mentor Program

  • Attention dedicated Mountain Lions!
    We need compassionate students who "Respect the Ridge" to serve as ambassadors for our campus. Our MRHS mentors will prepare new students for life at the Ridge. Mentors will provide support for freshmen so that they have an opportunity to make some friends, to ask questions and to learn from mentors about classes, clubs, activities, sports and events. Mentors will be the first friendly people to welcome our younger students to high school. Mentors will promote our motto “Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Respect for Ridge” and will use their leadership skills to aid our younger students during their transition to high school.

    Responsibilities will include attending:
    • Mentor Training Camp tentatively July 23, 2021
    • Friday, July 30, 2021 “Freshmen First day of School” event 7:30 AM - 2:00 PM
    • August and September (2) Check-in Aca-preps with mentees
    • Mentor Cyber Safety Lesson in freshmen Biology classes (on a Friday during the school day)
    • Weekly communication in with mentees, especially at the start of the school year

    Mentors will:
    • Participate in monthly communication time with mentees
    • Attend monthly Mentor Meetings
    • Assist with various events and follow the motto: “Respect the Ridge”

    Mentors will work with all incoming freshmen mentees during the “Freshmen First day of School” event and will continue to communicate with them throughout the year. Mentors need to be able to attend the required events mentioned above because they will have may freshmen counting on them! Mentors will wear their t-shirt and/or lanyard to identify themselves. Mentors will work together to plan additional events with mentees.
    We encourage our outstanding current students to apply for this leadership opportunity. We are seeking positive role models who are dedicated to helping their peers and who are able to meet the time commitments that will be required to make our program a success! Returning members are encouraged to apply for a leadership position.

    Applications are due by April 23, 2021.

    Will you be a dedicated MRHS Mentor to help younger students have a successful 9th grade year?
    --If so, please complete this form! Thank you!
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