• "Humble, welcoming, and supportive. Every interaction I’ve had with her I walk away with those same three thoughts."

      ~ Christina Soper 

    • Debbie empowers students, provides life lessons, and gives students opportunities in perseverance in her program everyday. My daughter had many amazing opportunities to grow as a musician because of Terramar’s band program."

      ~ Megan Wibel

    • "Debbie is an incredibly humble person. She's always wanting to learn more and never settles on her own personal growth as an educator. I know she's always willing to help and genuinely cares about the direction of music education is going not only at her school, but the Deer Valley School district as well."

      ~ Daniella Ibarra

    • "Both of my sons have been in the band at Terramar and have been her students for 6 years. Debbie encourages the kids to by being their best through her love of music. She has grown the band where now there is over half of the students in band in many of the grade levels. She has earned Superior with Distinction ever year she has taught at Terramar. She loves what she does and loves every child she teaches. Debbie has earned Teacher of the Year and is a model for educators in our state!"

      ~ Lisa Eisenberg-Best

    • "Mrs. Hutson has created a culture of consistent excellence at Terramar. The culture is based on high levels of musical performance, loving relationships, and engaged community support. Mrs. Hutson is the teacher we all aspire to be and her program is something we all aspire to create."

      ~ Ryan Salcido

    • "I have the privilege of knowing Debbie as a colleague and as my son’s band director. She gets to know her students and looks out for them as if they are her own children. I truly believe she saved my son from going down a very dark path."

      ~ Ida Bentley