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    Mommy Speech Therapy has wonderful lists of words for every articulation sound.  Click here!


    Here are some word lists to get you started!

    R (initial)

    race, raft, rag, raid, rain, rake, ram ran, ranch, rhyme, rib, root, rope, range, right, ride, rule, rug, reach, read, red, robe, roof, room, writs, wrench, wren, rock, rest, rent, remove, refill, roofing, roomy, refund, relax, rattle, raven, radish, rainbow, rainfall, raincoat, rescue, robin, ribbon, runway, running, raspberry, readjust, realize, recital, royalty, relation, related, regulate

    Vocalic R

    airplane, arm, around arrange, arrest, arrive, arrow, bargain, barking, barn, card, carpte, carrots, cherries, chorus, church, circle, circus, corn, curtains, dessert, dirty, fairy, farm, first, forest, fork, garage, garden, garlic, giraffe, guard, heart, hearing, herd, horse, hurry, Irish, iron, lizard, marbles, maroon, merry, narrow, nearly, nervous, nurse, orange, parade, parent, park, parrot, part, party, pirate, purse, sharing, shirt, skirt, sorry, squirrel, starry, stirrup, syrup, turkey, turtle, worm, battery, blueberries, camera, celery, injury, hurricane, terrible, wheelbarrow, are, bare, car, jar, deer, door, ear, fair, fear, fir, fire, floor, shore, sir, smear, four, fur, hair, her, hour, near, oar, pier, pour, purr, score, year, wire, tear, sure, spare, sour, stare, stir, pear, square


    BR: brace, branch, brand, brass, breeze, brew, brick, bride, bridge, broke, brisk, braces, brush, broken, broccoli

    DR: drain, drape, draw, dream, dress, drew, dried, drift, dream, driven, driveway, drop, dressing, drum, drain

    FR: free, freeze, fresh, fried, friend, fright, frog, from, front, frost, frown, froze, fruit, fry, frozen, frying, freeway

    GR: grab, grace, grade, grain, grant, grapes, grass, gray, great, grease, greet, green, gravel, gravy, grill, grin

    KR: crack, craft, crash, cream, crawl, crease, crest, crew, crisp, croak, crow, cruise, cry, crappy, cracking

    PR: prank, price, prize, prince, print, proof, prose, proud, prove, prowl, pry, predict, prepare, preschool

    TR: trace, train, trade, trap, trash, tray, treats, tree, trim, truck, true, truth, trapeze, trouble, trombone


    S (initial, medial, final)

    Initial: cell, sack, sad, safe, said, sail, salt, same, sand, sang, sank, sat, save, saw say, sea, sent, set, sick, side, sight, sign silk, sing, sound, circle, sailor, salad, sentence, seven, silly, softball, someone, something, summer, sunshine, celebrate, cereal, selection, superman, surrender, soccer ball, certificate, seventeen

    Medial: baseball, blossom, bossy, bracelet, cassette, castle, closer, dancer, decide, dresser, essay, fossil, guessing, hissing, icing, lesson, missing, myself, outside, passage, pencil, racer, racing, receive, recent, hospital, bicycle, assembly, dinosaur, December, disagree, fantasy, grasshopper, medicine, recycle

    Final: base, blous, boss, box, bus, case, chase, chess, dice, fox, geese, glass, grass, house, horse, less, lips, loose, mess, mice, miss, moose, moss, mouse, nice, niece, nurse, pass, piece, place, purse, rice, this, us, voice, yes, office, palace, fireplace, advice, cactus, cautious, doghouse, sickness, thermos, wilderness, adventurous, curteous, curious, dangerous, enormous, glorious, injustice, tedious, obvious



    SK: scale, school, scoop, scarf, scared, scoot, scorch, score, scout, scuff, skates, sketch, ski, skill, skin, skip, skirt, skit, skull, skunk, sky, scallop, scary, scholar, schedule, scooter, scuba

    SW: swab, swam, swan, swap, swarm, swash, swat, sway, sweat, sweep, sweet, sweel, swim, swing, swipe, swirl, switch, swoop, swollow, sweather, sweetheart, swimming, swipe

    ST: stack, staff, stage, stain, stairs, stake, stale, stamp, stand, star, stare, start, state, stay, stir, steer, stem, step, store, stork, storm, stove, style, sticky, stormy, story, student

    SP: spa, space, span, spare, speak, speech, speck, spell, spend, spent, spice, spike, spill, split, spin, spine, spoil, spook, sponge, spoon, sport, spot, spaceship, spooky, spoonful

    SN: snack, snag, snail, snake, snap, snare, snarl, snatch, sneak, sneeze, sniff, snip, snooze, snore, snout, snow, snaky, snapshot, snazzy, sneezy, snicker, sniffle, snowman, snuggle

    SM: small, smart, smash, smear, smelt, smile, smock, smog, smoke, smolder, smooth, smudge, smaller, smelly, smile, smirk, smoky, smokestack, smokiest, smug, smorgasbord

    SL: slab, slack, slacks, slam, slap, slate, slaw, sled, sleek, sleep, sleet, sleeve, sleigh, slept, slew, slick, slid, slide, slim, slime, slope, slot, sloth, slouch, slow, slug, slimy, slinky, slippers


    Z (initial, medial, final)

    Initial: czar, zag, zap, zapped, zinc, zoo, zone, zip, zoom, zany, zebra, zebu, zero, zephyr, zenith, zip code, zipper, zither, zombie, zoning, zooming, xylophone, zucchini, zodiac

    Medial: bazaar, blazer, blizzard, breezy, busy, buzzard, buzzing, cheesecake, chisel, closet, daisy, desert, dozen, exit, fuzzy, husband, laser, lizard, measles, music, noisy, pansy, pheasant, present, pretzel, scissors, season, thousand, tweezers, weasel, wizard

    Final: bags, bears, beez, boys, cans, chairs, cheese, dogs, drums, ears, eggs, fans, games, grows, hands, hose, jars, keys, kids, knees, legs, maze, nose, pairs, paws, peas, prize, quiz, ribs, rings, roads, rooms, rose, shins, sleds, sneeze


    L (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: lace, lake, lamb, lamp, lnd, lane, large, last, late, latch, laugh, lawn, leaf, leak, leash, lid, let, limb, lime, line, load, loaf, long, look, lost, lump, lunch, lute, lettuce, lobster, limit, listen, leaning, leaping, lemon, leopard, llama, lower, lucky, lumber, lotion, ladybug, lawn mower, lemonade, liberty, library, litterbug, lottery

    Medial: alarm, alike, alley, alone, ballet, balloon, belly, bowling, color, daylight, elboy, eyelash, follow, gallon, hello, island, jello, melon, necklace, police, sailboat, salad, silly, smiling, stroller, tulip, alligator, ballerina, buffalo, broccoli, caterpillar, celery, develop, elephant, gasoline, gorrila, helicopter, jelly beans, marshmallow, policeman, roller skates, television, valentine

    Final: all, bell, ball, bowl, call, coal, cool, dial, doll, drill, eel, fall, feel, file, hall, howl, ill, mail, mile, nail, owl, pail, quail, rail, sale, school, seal, smell, smile, tell, tall, tail, camel, baseball, eyeball, eggshell, football, meatball, oatmeal, pigtail, rainfall, sea gull, snowfall, towel, vowel, basketball, fingernail, snowmobile



    BL: black, blame, bland, blank, clare, clast, blaze, bleach, blend, blind, blip, blocks, bloom, blow, blush, blinder, blindfold, blossom, bluebird, blue jeans, blocks, cluff, blue, black bear

    FL: flag, flake, flame, flap, flare, flash, flat, flaunt, flaw, flea, fled, flee, fleece, flesh, flies, flick, flight, flip, float, flock, flood, floor, flour, flow, flu, flute, fly, flashlight, florist, flower

    GL: glad, glance, glare, glass, glaze, glee, glide, gloom, glove, glow, glasses, glider, glitter, globe, gloomy, glossy, glowing, glue, glorious, glossary, glamour, glancing, Glenn, glimpse

    KL: clock, claim, clam, clamp, clang, clap, claw, clay, clean, clear, click, cliff, clip, clop, close, cloud, clove, clown, club, cleanup, clapping, cloudy, closing, clutter, clover, clockwise

    PL: place, plain, plan, plane, plant, plate, plea, please, pleat, plop, plot, plow, pluck, plug, plum, plus, ply, planet, planter, plastic, platter, player, playground, pliers, plugged, plaque

    SL: slack, slab, slap, slat, slate, sled, sleep, sleeve, sleigh, slept, slew, slick, slid, slide, slime, sling, slip, slope, slot, slow, sly, sledding, sleepy, slimy, slinky, sliver, sloppy, sloshy



    SH (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: chef, shack, shade, shake, shall, shapes, share, shark, sharp, shave, shawl, she, shears, shed, shells, sheep, sheet, shelf, she'll, shield, shift, shin, shine, ship, shirt, shock, shoe, shone, shook, shoot, shop, shore, short, shot, should, shout, shove, shown, shrimp, shrink, shut, shy, shabby, shadow, shampoo, shallow, shamrock, sharing, shellfish, shimmy, shingles, shining, shiny, shipping, shiver, shoelace, shopper

    Medial: addition, admission, ambition, attention, bus station, collection, directions, donation, emotion, eyelashes, financial, fisherman, inspection, leadership, location, marshmallow, nutrition, official, parachute, incushion, toothbrushes, washable, celebration, dictionary, situation, transportation

    Final: ash, bash, blush, brash, brush, bush, cache, clash, crash, crush, dash, dish, fish, flash, flush, fresh, gash, gosh, gush, harsh, hash, lash, leash, lush, mash, mesh, mush, plush, posh, push, rash, slash, smash, splash, squash, stash, swish, trash, wash, wish, car wash, catfish, codfish, childish, English, eyelash, eyewash, finish, flourish, foolish, furnish, hairbrush, Irish, mustache, paintbrush, polish, refresh, relish, starfish, toothbrush, varnish


    CH (Initial, Meidal, Final)

    Initial: chain, chair, chalk, champ, chance, change, chant, chaps, char, charge, charm, chart, chase, chat, cheap, cheat, check, cheek, cheep, cheer, cheese, chess, chest, chew, chick, chide, chief, child, chill, chimp, chin, chink, chipped, chips, chirp, choice, choke, choose, chop, chore, chose, chow, chub, chum, chunk, churn, challenge, chamber, changing, channel, chapter, charcoal, cheaper,  checkbook, checkers, checkup, cheerful, cheery, cheesecake, cheetah, cherry, chilly, children, chicken, choppy, chuckle, checkerboard, cherry pie, chickadee

    Medial: achieve, armchair, beach ball, cenches, cleacher, cutcher, catcher, catching, creature, crutches, dentures, feature, fixture, grandchild, hatchet, hatching, highchair, inches, inchworm, ketchup, key chain, kitchen, lunch box, marching, matches, munching, pasture, patches, peaches, picture, pitcher, poncho, posture, question, roaches, statue, teacher, touchdown, watchdog, watching, woodchuck

    Final: batch, beach, bench, birch, bleach, branch, breach, brunch, bunch, catch, clench, coach, couch, crunch, crutch, ditch, each, fetch, frouch, hatch, itch, leech, lunch, march, match, munch, ouch, patch, peach, pitch, pooch, pouch, punch, ranch, scratch, sketch, speech, stitch, such, teach, torch, touch, watch, which, wrench, cockroach, dispatch, sandwich


    TH (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial (Voiceless): thank thatch, thaw, theft, theme, thick, thief, thigh, thin, thing, think, third, thirst, thongs, thorn, three, thumb, thump, thankful, thermos, thicken, thighbone, thimble, thinking, thirsty, thirteen, thirty, thistle, thorax, thorny, thoughtful, thousand, thunder, Thursday, Thanksgiving, theater, therapy, thirty-five, thunderbot, thundercloud thermometer

    Initial (Voiced): than, that, the, thee, their, theirs, them, then, there, these, they, they'd, they'll, thine, this, those, though, thus, thy, themselves, thereby, thereafter

    Medial (Voiceless): athlete, author, bathmat, bathrobe, bathtub, birthday, breathless, earthworm, ethics, fifth grade, healthy, mothball, mouthful, nothing, panther, something, southeast, toothache, toothbrush, toothpick, truthful, wealthy, worthwhile, youthful, anything, athletic, everything, sympathy, stethoscope

    Medial (Voiced): although, bathing, bother, breather, brother, clothing, either, father, feather, gather, lather, mother, neither, other, rather, rhythm, soothing, southern, teething, weather, whether, another, grandmother, grandfather, together, weatherman

    Final (Voiceless): bath, booth, both, breath, broth, cloth, depth, earth, fifth, froth, growth, length, math, moth, mouth, myth, north, oath, path, sloth, teeth, tooth, warmth wreath, youth, beneath, birdbath, dishcloth, locksmith, mammoth, zenith, ironsmith, tablecloth, underneath


    F (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: face, fact, fade, fail, faint, fair, fall, false, fame, fan, far, fare, farm, fast, fat, fawn, fear, feast, feed, feel, feet, fell, felt, fence, fern, fetch, few, field, fig, fight, file, fill, film, find, fire, first, fish, fist, five, fix, fond, fold, food, foot, fork, four, fox, fudge, full, fun, fur, fuss, fuzz, phone, fable, fabric, facing, fairy, falcon, famous, fancy, farewell, farmer, farming, farther, fashion, fasten, father, faucet, feather, feline, fellow, female, ferry, festive, fever, filling, filter, final, finger, fireman, fireplace, fireworks, fizzle, follow, forgive, forty, fourteen, funnel, funny, furry, fussy, photo

    Medial: aphid, barefoot, before, boatful, bonfire, boxful, breakfast, buffet, cafe, campfire, catfish, coffee, confuse, cupful, dolphin, goldfish, golfball, golfer, handful, infant, laughing, leafy, muffin, offspring, often, outfield, playful, safety, snowfall, spoonful, thankful, tinfoil, toffee, traffic, transfer, trophy, unfold, waffle, buffalo, elephant, telephone

    Final: beef, brief, calf, chef, chief, cliff, cough, cuff, elf, golf, graph, hoof, huff, if, knife, laugh, leaf, life, loaf, muff, off, poof, puff, reef, roof, rough, safe, scuff, sniff, staff, stuff, thief, tough, wife, wolf, belief, enough, giraffe, sheriff, autograph, paragraph, telegraph, waterproof


    V (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: van, vane, vase, vault, vent, verb, verse, vest, vet, vine, vise, voice, vote, vow, vacuum, valance, valet, valley, value, vampire, venture, vibrate, vigor, Viking, village, viper, visa, visit, visor, vocal, volume, vowels, vulture, valentine, vanilla, various, varsity, vehicle, veteran, video, vinegar, violet, violin, visitor, volcano, volleyball, vegetable

    Medial: advice, avid, avoid, beaver, bovine, bravo, cavern, civil, clever, clover, convert, convey, convince, cover, Denver, devote, diver, driver, driveway, even, every, favor, fever, giver, gravy, having, heavy, invest, invite, ivy, lava, level, lever, living, loving, movers, navy, novel, over, reveal, rival, river, rover, saver, seven, shaving, shiver, swivel, travel, weaver, woven, adventure, advertise, avenue, average, bedcover, beverage, bravery, carnival, cavity, conveyer, covenant, coverage, covering, deliver, develop, deviate, devilfish, devotion, discover, elevate, envelope, everyday, everyone, everything, favorite, forever, however, invalid, inventive, ivory, javelin, lovable, obvious, popover, receiver, recover, screwdriver, seventy, several, traveler, universe, whenever

    Final: brave, cave, clove, cove, crave, dive, dove, drive, drove, five, gave, give, glove, groove, have, hive, leave, live, love, move, of, pave, prove, save, shave, shove, sleeve, stove, strive, wave, weave, you've, above, beehive, behave, believe, festive, forgave, forgive, high dive, improve, motive, native, olive, outlive, passive, remove, reprove, skydive, survive, votive


    K (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: cab, cage, calf, call, calm, came, can, cane, cap, cape, car, card, care, cart, case, cash, cast, cat, catch, cave, cause, coach, coat, cob, coin, cold, comb, come, cone, cook, cool, cop, core, cork, corn, cost, cot, couch, could, count, cow, cub, cube, cuff, cup, curbe, cuff, cup, curb, curl, curve, cut, cute, key, kid, kind, king, kite, cabbage, cabin, caboose, cafe, calling, camel, candle, candy, canoe, capsule, captain, carpet, carriage, cartoon, cashier, castle, catcher, cattle, chorus, cobra, cobweb, coffee, collar, collie, color, coming, cushion, contest, copy, corner, costume, cottage, counter, cousin, cougar, couple, cowgirl, kitchen, ketchup, kettle, kitten, calendar, camera, canary, carpenter, computer, coyote, customer, kangaroo, caterpillar, kindergarten

    Medial: account, acorn, background, bacon, baker, bobcat, bookmark, breakfast, bucket, checker, shicken, cooking, cracker, donkey, go-cart, income, jacket, knocking, locket, locust, looking, lucky, monkey, napkin, peacock, pumpkin, raccoon, racquet, raincoat, rocket, rocking, seacoast, second, shortcake, sicken, sneaker, soccer, socket, speaker, stocking, success, taco, trucker, turkey, uncle, vacuum, vocal, waken, weekend, wicker, wildcat, wrecker, bicycle, broccoli, chocolate, pelican, woodpecker

    Final: back, bake, beak, bike, black, block, book, break, brick, cake, chalk, check, cheek, chick, chuck, cloak, coke, cook, creek, duck, flake, flock, hike, joke, knock, lake, leak, lick, like, lock, look, make, milk, pick, rake, rock, sack, shake, sick, snack, snake, soak, sock, speak, steak, stick, talk, thick, track, truck, walk, yak, lipstick, magic, snowflake, traffic, toothache


    G (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: gab, gain, gale, game, games, gang, gap, garb, gas, gash, gasp, gate, gauze, gave, gaze, gear, geese, get, ghost, gift, girl, give, go, goes, goaal, goat, gov, gold, golf, gone, goo, good, goof, goose, got, gown, guard, guess, guest, guide, guilt, gulch, gulf, gum, gadget, galley, gallon, gallop, galoshes, garbage, garage, garden, garlic, gateway, gather, gavel, gazelle, gazette, getting, ghostly, gimmick, girdle, giving, gizzard, goalie, gobble, goblet, go-cart, goggles, going, golden, goodness, gooey, gopher, gorgeous, gosling, govern, guitar, gully, gumdrop, guppy, gurgle, gardener, garden hose, gardenia, gathering, gorilla, gondola

    Medial: again, August, bagful, baggage, bagpipe, begin, bigger, bighorn, buggy, cougar, digging, dogfish, doggy, dragging, dragon, dugout, eggshell, finger, foggy, jigsaw, jogging, juggle, legal, luggage, magnet, magpie, mongoose, piggy, pigpen, pigtail, sea gull, signal, sugar, tiger, tugboat, wagon, fingernail, hamburger, kangaroo, magazine, marigold, megaphone, signature, spaghetti, alligator

    Final: bag, big, bog, brag, bug, clog, dig, dog, drag, dug, egg, fig, flag, fog, frog, hog, hug, jag, jog, jug, lag, league, leg, log, lug, mug, pig, plug, rag, rig, rug, shrug, slug, tag, tug, twig, wag, wig, bedbug, catalog, ladybug,


    P (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: pace, pack, pad, page, paid, pail, path, pause, pave, paw, pawn, pick, pie, pig, pin, pink, pitch, paint, pair, pal, palm, pan, peace, peach, peak, pear, pearls, peck, point, poke, pole, pond, pool, porch, package, paddle, paintbrush, painter, palace, pancakes, panda, pansy, penny, perfume, person, petal, pickle, picnic, poodle, popcorn, porridge, postcard, postman, posy, puddle, panterh, parade, parent, parfait, parka, parrot, party, pattern, peacock, picture, pigeon, pigtail, pillow, pilot, pinwheel, pirate, pitcher, pizza, pumpkin, puzzle, python, pajamas, parachute, parakeet, piano, pineapple

    Medial: chopping, clipper, copy, coupon, depend, dripping, papoose, pepper, popcorn, puppet, puppy, repair, upon, vapor, wiper, wrapping, zip code, zipper, dustpan, happy, hippo, hopping, leaping, leopard, report, scrapbook, sipping, sleeping, soapy, stopping, super, supper, teapot, appetite, apple pie, canopy, cherry pie, diaper, emperor, grasshopper, octopus, pineapple

    Final: ape, cup, jeep, sheep, stop, tape, gumdrop, hilltop, jumprope, ketchup, makeup, mousetrap, worship, antelope, baseball cap, battleship, buttercup, candy shop, asleep, nightcap, cantaloupe, backup, pet shop, cassette tape, bagpipe, bean soup, breakup, bus stop, checkup, pickup, sand trap, seascape, ski slope, syrup, teacup, chimney sweep, coffee cup, envelope, fire escape, gingersnap, laundry soap


    B (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: back, bad, badge, bag, bait, bake, ball, band, beast, bed, bee, bell, belt, best, big, bike, both, bounce, bow, bowl, box, boy, buck bud, band, bank, barn, base, bass, bat, bath, be, beach, bead, birch, bird, bite, boat, boil, bolt, bone, bug, build, bull, bump, bunch, burst, bus, but, baboon, baby, bacon, badger, baggage, bagpipe, ballet, beagle, beaver, bedroom, bedtime, before, border, borrow, bother, bottle, bouquet, bucket, balloon, bandage, bandit, banjo, banner, barber, bargain, berries, billfold, birdbath, birdhouse, birthday, building, bulldog, bunny, busy, butter, button buzzard

    Medial: aboard, about, above, baboon, baby, gabby, good-bye, grabbing, grubby, habit, hubby, kickball, robin, robot, rubber, ruby, shabby, sober, subject, subway, backbone, cabby, cabin, caboose, cobweb, kickball, knobby, labor, mailbox, marbles, neighbors, tabby, taboo, tea bag, alphabet, cheeseburger, cowbell, cowboy, cubic, rabbit, ribbon, ladybug, peek-a-boo, strawberries

    Final: bib, cab, club, cob, crab, crib, robe, rub, scribe, scrub, slab, sob, stub, ice cube, king crab, prescribe, subscribe, cube, drab, ebb, grab, job, stub, sub, tribe, tube, web, backrub, bathrobe, bathtub, wardrobe, wolf cub, inner tube, doorknob, taxicab, corncob


    T (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: tab, tack, tag, tail, take, tale, talk, tall, tame, tan, tank, tap, tape, tart, taste, taught, tax, tea, teach, team, tear, tears, teen, teeth, tell, ten, tense, term, tick, tide, tie, tight, time, tip, tire, toad, toast, toe, tongue, too, took, tool, tooth, top, torch, toss, touch, tough, tour, tow, town, toy, tub, tube, tug, tune, two, type, table, taco, tadpole, tailor, taxi, teacher, teapot, teaspoon, teepee, tennis, termite, ticket, tiger, timber, tiny, tissue, today, toddler, tonight, toothbrush, toothpaste, tortoise, tourist, towel, tugboat, tulip, tuna, tunic, turban, turkey, turtle, tutor, typist, tangerine, taxicab, teakettle, teddy bear, teenager, telephone, together, tomato, tomorrow, tornado, typewrite, typical

    Medial: atom, attic, baton, beauty, better, butter, button, cheetah, city, cotton, crater, daughter, eating, eighteen, guidar, hotel, kitten, motel, photos, rotten, skater, total, voter, butterfly, photograph, peanut butter

    Final: ant, ate, aunt, bait, bat, bite, boat, boot, cat, coat, cot, cut, cute, date, eat, eight, feet, fruit, get, goat, hat, hot, it, jet, kite, knight, late, mat, meat, might, newt, not, nut, pet, rat, right, root, sit, skate, suit, sweet, vote, wet, wheat, write, yacht, bracelet, doughnut, flashlight, jacket, parrot, peanut, rabbit, robot, rocket, astronaut, chocolate, parachute


    D (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: dad, damp, dance, dare, dark, dash, date, dawn, day, deal, dear, deck, deer, den, dent, depth, desk, dew, dice, dig, dim, dime, dine, dip, dish, ditch, dive, do, dock, does, dog, doll, done, door, dorm, dot, doubt, dough, dove, down, dual, duck, duct, due, dug, duke, dull, dump, dune, dunk, dusk, dust, dye

    Medial: adding, admire, birthday, body, buddy, feeding, Friday, headache, hidden, hiding, hot dog, ladder, lady, leader, douder, meadow, radish, reading, ready, rider, riding, roadway, sadden, shadow, skydive, soda, speeding, spider, sudden, Thursday, tidy, Tuesday, vandal, wedding, woody, avocado, bulldozer, calendar, Canada, cheddar cheese, cheerleaders, chickadee, comedy, Florida, honeydew, idea, introduce, kindergarten, medicine, radio, rodeo, somebody, spiderweb

    Final: add, bad, bead, bed, bread, bride, bud, cloud, cried, dad, did, feed, flood, food, fried, glad, glide, good, grade, guide, had, hide, kid, lad, led, lid, load, loud, mad, maid, mood, mud, paid, plaid, played, read, red, ride, road, sad, said, seed, shed, should, side, sled, squid, thread, toad, wood, mermaid, parade, salad, lemonade, pyramid


    J (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: gem, germ, gym, jacks, jade, jam, jar, jaws, jazz, jeans, jeep, jet, job, jog, joke, joy, judge, jug, juice, jump, junk, gerbil, giant, giraffe, gypsy, jacket, jaguar, jelly, jester, jewel, jiggle, jockey, jolly, journal, journey, juggle, jumb, jumper, jungle, junk food, gentleman, jackrabbit, jalopy, janitor, jellyfish, journalist, jack-o-lantern

    Medial: adjust, agent, agile, aging, ajar, badger, banjo, bridges, budget, bulges, danger, digest, dodge ball, dodger, edges, Egypt, fragile, gadget, hedgehog, hedges, judges, judgment, legend, lodging, magic, major, object, pageant, pages, pigeon, project, reject, soldier, stagecoach, subject, suggest, urgent, wages, agency, algebra, angelfish, cabbages, collegiate, digestion, magenta, magical, magician, magistrate, majesty, majorette, margarine, objective, teenager

    Final: badge, barge, bridge, bulge, cage, change, charge, edge, forge, fudge, hedge, huge, judge, large, page, ridge, smudge, sponge, stage, wedge, backstage, baggage, bandage, cabbage, cartridge, college, diverge, dosage, garbage, image, knowledge, language, luggage, marriage, message, mileage, partridge, porridge, postage, rummage, sausage, selvage, storage, village, voyage, yardage, advantage, average, beverage, coverage, encourage, foliage, percentage, privilege


    H (Initial, Medial)

    Initial: had, hair, half, hall, ham, hand, hard, has, hat, hay, he, head, heat, heel, hen, her, hug, habit, his, hog, hayride, healthy, hello, hole, home, hink, hood, hook, hoop, hoot, helmet, honey, hopscotch, hot dot, hundred, hungry, hair dryer, hop, horn, horse, hot, house, hug, habit, hamburger, holiday, honeybee, hospital, however, hummingbird, her hide, hi, hill, hammer, happy, hurricane, hyena, helicopter

    Medial: ahead, beehive, behave, behind,, pothole, redhead, rehash, rehearse, cubby hole, dehydrate, forehead, greenhouse, groundhog, high heels, hitchhikke, keyhole, lighthole, manhole, playhouse, adhesive, anyhow, apprehend, behavior, beholden, buttonhole, city hall, Ohio, potholder, rehearsal, tomahawk, unhappy, mahogany


    M (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: made, mail, make, man, mane, map, march, mile, milk, mix, moon, mop, more, mouse, mud, mudhole, muffin, mummy, muscle, mushroom, muskrat, mustache, mustard, mare, mattress, mackerel, mask, menu, mat, mittens, magazine, math, Monday, magician, may, monkey, manager, me, monster, mandolin, meat, mother, Mexico, melt, mountain, moccasins

    Medial: almost, among, amount, asthma, blooming, limit, simmer, someone, summer, swimmer, lawn mower, limited, memorize, newcomer, salami, shoemaker, somersault, camel, tomcat, submarine, cement, chimney, climbing, coming, damage, dreaming, woman, boomerang, camera, cinnamon, comedy, summertime, tomato, tournament, America, famous, customer, chameleon, hammer, dominos, gemologist, hammock, familiar, paramedic, humor, family, patrolwoman, flamingo, condominium, lemon, laundromat, hippopotamus

    Final: am, bloom, broom, calm, came, lamb, limb, mom, ice cream, mushroom, problem, springtime, sunbeam, climb, comb, come, cream, dime, dream, drum, flame, name, plum, ram, rhyme, same, some, team, system, twosome, wigwam, wisdom, bubble gum, diagram, from, them, honeycomb, game, gum, ham, him, home, jam, bathroom, bedtime, bottom, denim, maximum, overtime, radium, sour cream, sugarplum, telegram

    N (Initial, Medial, Final)

    Initial: knee, kneel, knew, knife, knit, knock, know, nail, name, nap, near, neat, neck, nest, news, night, no, noise, nose, now, nurse, nut, knitting, napkin, narrow, necklace, necktie, needle, neighbor, neither, nephew, never, nibble, nickel, nightgown, normal, nothing, number, nutty, national, newspaper, nobody, November, nursery, nutcracker, nutrition

    Medial: any, bonus, bunny, cannon, cannot, canoe, chimney, dinner, doughnut, funny, honey, kennel, many, money, peanut, penny, planet, pony, rainbow, rainy, running, sooner, spinning, sunny, tennis, tenor, tiny, winner, winning, airliner, animal, another, banana, beginner, Canada, canary, cinnamon, dinosaur, general, generous, honeybee, lemonade, pineapple, roadrunner, sunglasses, teenager, universe, volcano, peanut butter

    Final: bone, brown, bun, can chain, chin, clean, clown, crown, den, done, down, fan, fun, gone, gown, in, hen, man, men, moon, on, one, pan, pen, phone, plane, ran, run, seen, shine, sign, soon, sun, ten, town, train, van, vine, when, win, won, again, alone, baboon, balloon, begin, button, cartoon, chicken, children, engine, garden, mailman, raccoon, sunshine, woman


    Y (Initial, Medial)

    Initial: use, used, yacht, yak, yam, yard, yarn, using, Yankee, yardstick, yearbook, yearling, yearlong, yearly, universe, usable, usual, utensil, utilize, yawn, year, yell, yelled, yes, your, youth, Europe, yellow, yogurt, youngest, yourself, yo-yo, yummy, yesterday, unicycle, universal, utilities, uniform, unicorn, useful, university

    Medial: mute, amuse, bayou, kayak, lawyer, loyal, papaya, reunion, reunite, royalty, tortilla, employer, school year, stallion, trillon, value, azalea, new year, reuse, royal, sawyer, tabulate, distributor, woodyard, egg yolk, figure, regular, triangular, battalion, billionaire, familiar, magnolia, barnyard, canyon, unior, onion. coyote