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    choir director

    Virtual Classroom Times

    Monday     Tuesday     Wednesday     Thursday     Friday

    8:30-9:30              6th grade                   6th grade                          No virtual class

    9:00-9:30                               7th choir                         7th Music    Staff meeting

    9:30-10:30                                                                                     Teacher PLC 

    10:30-11:00           8th Choir                    8th Music                         Meetings 

    11:30-11:45           Kinder-1    Kinder-1     Kinder-1      Kinder-1

    11:45-12:00           3rd & 5th    3rd & 5th   3rd & 5th     3rd & 5th

    * students in K-5 only need to attend one virtual classroom per week and rotate between music, PE and art.