Morning choir is open to students in 3rd through 8th grades will be Thursday mornings at 7:15 beginning 9/5 in the choir room. Students are not allowed on campus before then, so please do not drop them off early.




    - Thursday October 10 - DVUSD Fall Choir Pre-Assessment at BCHS - during the day – All 7th & 8th Grade Choir Students

    - Thursday November 14 - DVUSD Honor Choir Festival at TBD - all day w/ evening performance - selected 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Choir students only

    - Thursday, December 5 - Winter Concert at NC - 6:00 pm - All Norterra Choir Students

    -Saturday, February TBD- AMEA Elem/Jr. High Solo & Ensemble Festival at Highland Lakes School - students who elect to participate only (all students are encouraged to participate)

    - Thursday March 12 - DVUSD Spring Choir Post Assessment at BCHS - during the day – All 7th & 8th Grade Choir Students

    -Tuesday, May 12  - Year End Choir Concert at NC - 6:00 pm - All Norterra Choir Students



    Attendance is required at ALL performances and all scheduled festivals (see Red Print above). Concert performances are both extensions of the classroom and Summative Assessments of the learning process, and are weighted as 30% of your Overall Grade (attendance 15%, performance 15%). In the event a student has an excused absence from a concert or required performance, a written assignment or music performance play off will be extended to the student.  To make up an assignment, a student must initiate contact with Ms. Frisby to obtain make-up work. By joining any Choir, a student is making a commitment as a member of an organization – absences can have a detrimental effect on the entire performing ensemble.  



    Norterra Canyon & DVUSD behavioral rules apply to Choir Department members at ALL school functions, including concerts, field trips and performances – you are an ambassador of our school at all times.  Follow the school’s discipline plan located in the Student Handbook.  Repeated disciplinary actions may result in removal from Choir class.



    Work habits include attendance, preparedness, practice, participation and effort. Students are expected to give their best effort at all times. This includes proper preparation for class by being ready to sing within a few minutes of entering class and having the following on your person or your music stands at the beginning of every class:  

     All music in a 1-inch, 3 Ring Binder/Music Notebook (plastic sheet protectors recommended), to preserve the various concert and contest literature that will be passed out throughout the year and used during rehearsals and performances.

    • A pencil with an erase


    Please remember that any percentages in Powerschool are not indicators of current levels of achievement. Please check the 'Snapshot' grade for current levels of achievement prior to the release of quarterly report cards.

    Music Stores based upon proximity to Norterra Canyon (great resources for Solo and Ensemble):

    Music & Arts = 5350 West Bell Road #132 Glendale, AZ 85308 (602) 504-0206, http://www.musicarts.com/

    Allegro Music = 8385 West Deer Valley Road #106 Peoria, AZ 85382 (623) 215-2214, http://www.allegromusicaz.com/

    Sam Ash Music = 4402 West Cactus Road Glendale, AZ 85304 (602) 863-7746, http://samashmusic.com/az/glendale/61/



    For evening concerts or adjudicated festivals:

    • Young Men – DRESS PANTS,  A Black Performing Arts Polo Shirt or DRESS SHIRT (tie optional),  DRESS SHOES (tennis shoes are not considered dress shoes, nor are jeans considered dress pants)
    • Young Ladies – SAME AS YOUNG MEN, OR BLACK DRESSES AND SKIRTS ARE ALLOWED AS LONG AS THEY ARE KNEE LENGTH OR LONGER. (no platform shoes or high-heels, please)


    For informal events such as during the day school events (walking field trips, playing at football games, etc., the dress is the Performing Arts Polo shirt (or black t-shirt) and non-holy jeans. Do not wait until the day of or before a concert to make sure you have these items.


    I AM HERE FOR YOU! If you need clarification with any of the material in this packet, help with classes, or any kind of help at all, I will be your biggest advocate.  Please contact me and I will do my very best each and every day for each and every student.  All student/parent contacts will be kept confidential.  I truly want every student at Norterra Canyon who has a desire to be in Choir to have that opportunity.  Both the administration and I will work with you to make that become a reality.  I ask if there are any concerns or questions, please contact me first as I am both flexible and supportive.