• The staff and I are all looking forward to working with you to ensure that each and every student is successful this year, academically and socially.  In order to obtain a quality education we must all approach each day with readiness and a positive attitude.  We must utilize our own talents to master one common goal - Excellence!  The challenge presented to us is to maintain a focused mind.  Together, with our combined efforts, we will have all the components needed for success.


    To that end, we ask that every student comes to school every school day on-time, with all his or her required materials and prepared to do his or her best.  Success is a team effort and every player (student, teacher, and parent) is an integral part of that team.  When every player does his or her best, everyone wins!


    We have amazing staff members, parents, students and community partners. If you ever have questions, concerns, or celebrations, feel free to stop by the Diamond Canyon office. 


    I am extremely proud to be serving as your principal.  I look forward to making connections with each family at Diamond Canyon and creating a lasting impact on the achievement of students!  Let our journey begin!


    Educationally Yours,



    Mrs. Tara LeCount, Principal