• At New River, we follow All Things E.Q. 

    The following mottos are helpful in creating positivity and a successful learner!


    All Things E.Q. Quarter 1

    Am I being kind and helpful in this moment?

    Week 1 Motto: My day is up to me!

    Week 2 Motto: Are my thoughts helping me or hurting me.

    Week 3 Motto: I am always communicating through my body language.

    Week 4 Motto: I show up for myself and the people around me.

    Week 5 Motto: I am kind to the people I’m with right now!

    Week 6 Motto: I am willing to introduce myself  & get to know new people.

    Week 7 Motto: I don’t trade what I want most for what I want now.

    Week 8 Motto: I am a productive team member.

    Week 9 Motto: I don’t brag because I am happy with myself.


    All Things E.Q. Quarter 2

    Am I using positive self-talk?

    Week 1 Motto: I pay attention to what I tell myself.

    Week 2 Motto: I know what I am looking forward to today.

    Week 3 Motto: I make the most out of each experience.

    Week 4: Mistakes can make me better if I let them!

    Week 5 Motto: I say “GOODBYE” to my negative self-talk.

    Week 6 Motto: I steer clear of gossip.

    Week 7 Motto: The cure for boredom is curiosity.

     Week 8 Motto: Learn from others rather than compare yourself to others.

    Week 9 Motto: I choose what I believe about myself.


    All Things E.Q. Quarter 3

    Am I making an honest effort?

    Week 1 Motto: I bring effort to everything I do.

    Week 2 Motto: I work through confusion.

    Week 3 Motto: I make enough time for work, sleep, & free time.

    Week 4 Motto: I find purpose in everything I do.

    Week 5 Motto: I am always improving.

    Week 6 Motto: I drop my shoulders. I take a few breaths. I can handle this.

    Week 7 Motto: Our school aides correct us because they care about us!

    Week 8 Motto: I do my best because doing less is a waste of my time & potential.

    Week 9 Motto: I exercise my brain each day.


    All Things E.Q. Quarter 4 

    Am I focusing on solutions instead of problems?

    Week 1 Motto: I adapt & make the most of change.

    Week 2 Motto: I look for  solutions, not blame.

    Week 3 Motto: I am willing to make things better.

    Week 4 Motto: Tough times happen, but I’m tougher.

    Week 5 Motto: I don’t complain about what I can’t change.

    Week 6 Motto: I can see things from many different points of view..

    Week 7 Motto: I seek solutions, not sympathy.

    Week 8 Motto: I am someone people can count on.

    Week 9 Motto: I learn more by truly listening to others.



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