MYP Biology



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    Period3: TBA

    Period7: TBA

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    -Goto the website above, select Login/Enroll, and enter the class code for your period.

    -Students created their own username and password.  Only they know it.

    -Use the back-up code if your class period is full.


  • Grade Boundaries

  • CW=Classwork, HW=Homework*, Quiz=In-class quiz, Test=In-class test, DUE=items due at the beginning of class**  

    *All notes are covered the following day. Projects will have extended due dates.

    **Homework will be stamped and reviewed, but not necessarily collected on the due date. Students may keep homework to study and then the day of the test items are collected for entry into the gradebook. Projects are collected on due date and entered into the gradebook.