DP Biology YR1

  • Class of 2022:

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    Summer Work... Sign-up for Remind, Find your BioBinder from Freshman Year*, and that's it! Enjoy your Summer!

    *If you're new to BGHS or did not have MYP Biology your freshman year, don't worry.  You'll be surrounded by the best students in the world and we'll get you caught-up!

  • Topic Reviews


    Practical 01: Specie Associations

    Practical 02: Lemna Population

    Lemna Data

    Practical 03: Stream Biodiversity

    Practical 04: Properties of Water

    Practical 05: Organic Compounds

    Practical 06: Protein Structure

    Practical 07: Karyotype Lab

    Practical 08: Microscopy (Fall 2020)

    Practical 09: Dialysis Tubing (Fall 2020)

    Practical 08: Plant Pigmentation (Fall 2020)

    Practical 10: Plant Transpiration (Fall 2020)

    Independent Investigation



    Proposal Log


    Data Collection

    IA Scoring Card

    IA Checklist

    Student Samples


    Quizlet Flashcards

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    CF: Class Fun

    HF: Home Fun (homework to be completed before class)

    DUE: Assignment is due at the beginning of class

    QUIZ: Quiz (either in-class or on Canvas)

    TEST: Test (either in-class or on Canvas)