8th Grade Syllabus 2020


    ELA: kristin.kurtenbach@dvusd.org 

    Science: polly.wood@dvusd.org 

    Social Studies: Christian.iafrate@dvusd.org 

    Math: Kirstin.Ledin@dvusd.org

    Digital citizenship is being respectful, responsible, and safe when using technology.  I am sure you have heard of cyberbullying, hacking, and even plagiarism. These are some of the dangers when using any type of technology.

    Words can be helpful or hurtful. You will need to think even more about what you write down and share with others and with us. As we all interact online we need to be patient, polite and thoughtful. 

    Learning in this new way will be different and at times difficult. As we work we need to use our best efforts, perseverance, and positive attitudes. We want you to be hungry for knowledge and understanding, not just complete a bunch of assignments. We will all have to be flexible and learn to adapt! We can do this; we are Team Incredible! 

    Team Incredible rules and guidelines for Class Sessions on Zoom.

    1. Don’t stress! Stay in constant communication with us. We want to help! Contact  through canvas with a question, we will try and answer quickly.  If you are still frustrated, step away from the assignment and make an appointment. We will contact you, so we can talk face to face.
    2. Attend ALL of the class session and work throughout the given time. Do NOT wait to work later.  Ask clarifying questions so you fully understand the learning intentions and success criteria  for the lesson. Use Canvas to message your teacher if you will be absent. 
    3. Follow district dress code guidelines at ALL times. No exceptions. A school appropriate background is needed every day. Be aware of your background before entering the classroom.
    4. Cameras ON and microphone OFF with your name showing, not a nickname or your sister’s name. We need to see you to get to know you!
    5. Find a quiet spot to work and focus your attention, no snacking. Sit up at the work space and limit distractions (no Zoom class sessions in bed, please!) Turn the TV off and phone off unless we use it for educational purposes and leave it in another room. 
    6. Prior to coming to class be prepared. Make sure you have materials, notebooks, binder, packets, and completed assignments, etc. .in front of you.  If you have questions write them down and be ready to ask as we start class. Even if you are leaving one session for another be on time as best you can.
    7. If you are separated into a small group, stay on topic and task and complete the assignment. It is very important for us to continue to work in teams. Also, remember to use patience and kindness when cooperating within your teammates.

    **Failure to follow any of these guidelines will result in a warning, by being placed in the waiting room. Second warning will result in removal from the class for that day and an email home. Any missed work is still due on the due date.**


    Classwork is 5% of the overall grade. Any classwork that is not finished in class will become homework.



    Quizzes will be announced prior to the quiz/project date. Quizzes can not be retaken because they are open notes. 



    Tests will be announced ahead of time and students will be given a study guide and/or notes prior and will be given in class work time. Retakes are available 1 week post original test date provided that the “Request to Retest Form” is completed. 


    Grading Scale:

    Classwork/Homework: 5%

    Quizzes/Projects: 35%

    Tests: 60%


    Missing/Late/Absent Work: 

    All missing, late, absent work is due by Sunday at Midnight of the prior week. No Exceptions. Even if you are absent for a ZOOM class, you are still expected to have the work completed by Sunday at Midnight. Please email your teacher if you know of an upcoming absence, if it is an unexpected absence email your teacher to get caught up. 

    Eighth Grade Schedule

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