eBooks are Cool

    MackinVIA FREE eBooks and eResources available until September, 2020.


    Link to MackinVIA  https://www.mackinvia.com/

    We have several eBooks available for your reading pleasure! Here are the directions for reading the books from your home or school computer.
    1. All you have to do is click on this link, Stetson Hills Library Search, to access the Destiny Library Search Menu.
      • Choose Stetson Hills from the list of schools if needed.eBook Penguin
    2. Then choose “Electronic Books” from the Materials Type drop-down field.
    3. Place your cursor back in the “find” field and enter.
    4. A list of books will appear. The books have icons under the titles.
      • While you may read a Follett eBook, if someone else checks it out, you will not be able to continue reading until the book is checked back in.
      • To check out a Follett eBook, click on the Follett Shelf button at the top left of the page.
      • You will need to log in, using your school login name and password.
      • A list of all the Follett eBooks will appear. When you find one you want to check out, click on the “Check Out” button.
      • At the Mackin Via login, enter: STETSON HILLS SCHOOL, PHOENIX, AZ
        • User Namestetsonhills 
        • Passwordstallions
      • Then click on “Open now” and begin reading!
      • Some icons look like this: . That means it is a Follett eBook. 
      • Some icons look like this:. This means it is a Mackin eBook and can be accessed by clicking on the “open” button.
    You are also encouraged to access the Phoenix Public Library website for additional eBooks available.  See the Media Center home page for links to and information for Phoenix Public Library resources.

    BryteWaveLogo    If you wish to read a book using a different device, such as a Nook, Kindle, iPad or iPhone, you will need to access the BryteWave app following these directions:
    1. On a Nook device: go to web button then type in this URL: http://wbbxxxxx.follettshelf.com.  
      • Sign in with your school computer name and password. Click stay logged in.
    2. On Kindle, go to the app store and get the free app or do the same as above for the Nook.
    3. On an iPad or iPhone, go the app store and look for BryteWave K-12 download free. 
      • Then type in url: http://wbbxxxxx.follettshelf.com and use your school computer login and password to access the Stetson Hills library.