• Daily Online Learning Schedule 

    Dismissal at 3:30pm

    8:45-9:00- Morning Meeting in Zoom

    9:00-11:15- ELA (Zoom Meeting 9:00-9:30)

    10:30-10:45-Take a break! 

    10:45-11:15-Writing Independent Work

    11:15-11:45- Response to Intervention (Zoom as needed)

    11:45-12:30- Lunch and Break Time

    12:30-1:30- Math (Zoom Meeting 12:30-1:00)

    1:00-1:30-Math Independent Work

    1:30-1:45-Take a break! 

    1:45-2:15- Science/Social Studies

    2:15-2:45- Office Hours/Small Group Support (Zoom as Needed)

    2:45-3:30- Specials (Zoom Meeting)



     Dismissal at 2:00pm

    8:45-9:00- Morning Meeting in Zoom

    9:00-ELA (Zoom Meeting 9:00-9:30)

    9:30-10:00-ELA Independent Work

    10:00-10:15- Take a break!

    10:15-10:45-Writing Independent Work

    10:45-11:45-Math (Zoom Meeting 10:45-11:15)

    11:15-11:45-Math Independent Work

    12:30-1:00-Specials (Zoom Meeting)

    1:00-1:30-Science and Social Studies Independent Work in Canvas

    1:30-2:00-Office Hours/Small Group Support