Principal's Page

  • Dear Village Meadows Parents, Guardians, and Students,


    It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Village Meadows Elementary School for the 2023-2024 school year


    Village Meadows Elementary offers a comprehensive education for children Pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. We understand that you entrust us with your children, so please know that your children are at the heart of every decision made at Village Meadows. Each year we build and strengthen the foundation you have already laid for your children. We firmly believe that parents and teachers working together is a winning combination; it creates a relationship that supports the academic, social and emotional growth of our students. We encourage you to be involved in your child’s education and to contact your child’s teacher with questions. Our volunteers, community partners, and parents consistently support our efforts in providing a meaningful educational opportunity for all students.


    The staff at Village Meadows works carefully and intentionally to develop educational systems that will promote the success of your child. There is a rich history at this school and we are all fortunate to be part of Village Meadows. We hope to develop the love of learning and a sense of responsibility in every student. Each grade level addresses the individual needs of students by utilizing various forms of assessment. These diagnostic tools assist our teachers with meeting the learning needs of all students. High expectations are set at each grade level and our teachers are afforded the opportunity to work collaboratively to meet the needs of all their learners.


    Our Village Meadows handbook is designed to provide you with information about our school and to develop a partnership between your home and our school. Village Meadows Elementary School and the Deer Valley Unified School District policies, procedures, and programs are outlined here to give you a better understanding of the culture of our school. We invite you to be an active participant in the education of your child. Assisting with homework, reading newsletters, visiting our school website, attending parent/teacher conferences, communicating with your child’s teacher, volunteering, attending evening events, and joining the PTO are just a few of the opportunities we have for parents. We respectfully request that you take some time to read this handbook and most importantly to review it with your son or daughter. We have high expectations at Village Meadows and we want to ensure these expectations are shared by all. Understanding and respecting the information in these documents will help us create a safe and positive learning community. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the school office.


    We look forward to a fabulous year!



    Mrs. Melissa Weinman