• Canvas
    Our class calendar, readings, power points, documents and more are accessible on Canvas. Many of our class assignments will be submitted electronically via Canvas. 
    A few quick reminders:
    • Because your work filters both through Canvas AND Turnitin, you can only submit work once. Be sure before you submit that you have everything you need the first time.
    • Your work can only be submitted as a PDF or a Word document. Do NOT submit in pages! 
    • If you have a problem submitting an assignment, please email me BEFORE the due date. In the email copy yourself as well as attach your work. This will ensure we both know you had your work finished on time, yet had some issues! I can then help you submit to Canvas for grading.
    • Logging into the web version of Canvas is always the best choice. The app is not always reliable. If the app is acting up, then log in via the web: https://dvusd.instructure.com/
    • Please do NOT submit to Canvas using Google Drive. It is not always reliable. Use Dropbox.
    • If you have issues at home, wait and try to submit on campus before school. Sometimes that helps. For back-up, you can always be proactive and email your assignment to me. Just be sure that you do still attempt to submit on Canvas as it will eventually need to get there.
    • When submitting absent/make-up work in Canvas please put in the comments that this is make-up work.
    • When you are scanbotting your work please only write in pen or very heavy pencil — I need to be able to read your writing. Also, your scan should only be of your paper. This is not the same thing as taking a picture, so please only try to scan the paper — not your bed, table, legs, etc.  I want to be sure that I can easily read your work.
    • Please do not send me messages through Canvas! Please email me! I may not see them, so this is not a reliable way to contact me. Please email me. I don't get an alert when I receive a message from you, so email is much better. I WILL see comments you attach to your work when I go to grade.
    • Be sure that you try updating your Canvas app if you are having issues. Just go to the DVUSD app store, click on install next to Canvas, and that will complete an update if necessary!
    • Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that your work is submitted. Not knowing work didn't go through can result in you not receiving points for your assignment. Always check to be sure it was in fact submitted.  
    Technology can sometimes be wonky, so communication is key!  If you have a disaster of any kind and can't submit your work, don't panic. Just email me and let me know what is going on. As long as you email me before the due date/time, you are fine. Keep me in the loop and let me know what is going on. If something happens and you can't email me, go old school and leave a voicemail for me on my school phone. It will time/date stamp for you: (623) 376-3207.

    Here are a few helpful resources:

    How to Submit to Turnitin.com via Canvas

    A video tutorial for submitting a document in Canvas to a Turnitin.


    Need to submit something to Canvas, but don't know how?  Check out this guide for help.  
    If you have questions about Canvas, check out the Canvas Guides (you can search for your question).