• Wishlist

    What not to donate:

    We appreciatat all donations more than you know. However, it is important that you are aware of a few things that we need to avoid. 

    • whiteout 

    • strong smelling permant markers

    • food that contains any kind of nuts (this includes certain candy, cookies or granola bars)

    Classroom Supplies

    • Spiral notebooks

    • pencils

    • whiteboard marker 

    • lined or graph paper

    • post-it-notes (various sizes)

    • scotch tape

    • colored paper (8 1/2 by ll)

    • Kleenix

    • hand sanitizer

    Raffle Prizes:

    At the beginning each week students are given 5 raffle tickets. They keep these tickets as long as they complete their work on time, come prepared for class and demonstrate all classroom expectations. At the end of the week we have a class raffle. There are 5 winners in each class. These prizes are supplied by Mrs. Smith and though they are not large, the cost adds up. Prize donations are always welcome. (Note: All donations should be packaged in individual servings.) 

    • Candy (Kit Kats, Twix, M&M's, Skittles...)

    •  Poptarts

    • Little Debbies

    • Chips

    • Popcorn

    Super Raffle Prizes:

    At the end of each quarter each class will have a Super Raffle. This is a bigger raffle than the weekly one. These tickets are earned and the prizes are slightly larger. There are a 5 prizes that are donated by Mrs. Smith, however the number of winners is determined by the number of prizes donated. The more donatations a class has, the more fun the raffle is. These prizes are larger then the individual packaged prizes of the weekly raffle. 

    • movie size candy boxes

    • multi-serving size bag of chips or cookies

    • gift card (Starbucks, Dutch Bros, Dunkin Donuts, Fast Food, movie passes...)

    •  dollar store trinkets