• West Wing School
    We are so appreciative of the Tax Credit Donations that we receive. Without them, we would not be able to have some of the special programs that we offer, like Choir, Band, Student Council, and 7/8 Athletics.
    Deer Valley Unified School District offers an online account service that allows Arizona taxpayers to donate Public School Tax Credits using Discover, Visa, or MasterCard. Sign-up is quick, easy, and secure. You can donate online at this website.
    Tax Credit Facts

    Anyone with or without children, married or single, is eligible for this unprecedented state tax credit.
    The $400 maximum state tax credit is available for taxpayers who are married and filing jointly.
    A husband and wife who file separate returns for a taxable year in which they could have filed a joint return may each claim only $200.
    The tax credit for a single individual or a head of household is $200. A state tax credit will allow you to reduce the amount of your tax liability to the state or increase your refund from the state.
    If you donate the maximum $400, your Arizona tax bill would be $400 less or your refund would be $400 more.
    You may donate less than $400 and be eligible to receive the state tax credit in the amount of your donation.
    The amount you donate (up to $400) will be the amount you may claim as a state tax credit.
    You may split your $400 donation among more than one public school but will still qualify for a maximum state credit of $400.
    Your donation also reduces your taxable income to the federal government, thereby reducing your tax burden on the federal government by 1/3 of the donation amount.