• Mountain Shadows Specialized Developmental Preschool 

    The purpose of our program is to meet the developmental, behavioral and social/emotional needs of our students by providing systematic, specially designed instruction while utilizing evidenced based practices. Our goal is to provide students with individualized strategies and supports to allow them to be successful within their neighboring schools and communities. Enrollment within our classroom is dependent upon district assignment. Our classroom provides a low student to staff ratio in order to best meet the needs of our students.

    Instruction is provided through small group and one on one settings aligned to the Arizona Early Learning Standards and students' Individualized Education Plans (IEP). The Hiearchy of Prompting (least to most prompting, most to least prompting) is used to help reach students' maximum potential. We utilize the STAR program ( Strategies for Teaching Based on Autism Research) to address students' needs within the areas of academics, expressive language, spontaneous language, receptive language, functional routines and play & social skills.  We provide environmental and sensory supports based off the needs of our students. Some of the supports we provide include visuals to teach expectations or give directions, visual schedules, breaks within the sensory room, and meaningful movement to fufill sensory needs. 


    Daily Schedule


    9:15-9:25- Arrival

    9:25-9:40- Sign in/ Table Activities

    9:40-9:55 Circle 

    9:55-10:15- Playground

    10:15-10:30- Snack 

    10:15-11:30- Centers 

    11:30-11:40- Whole Group Afternoon Circle 

    11:40-11:45- Departure 



    1: 00-1:10- Arrival 

    1:10-1:25- Sign in/ Table Activities 

    1:25-1:40- Circle 

    1:40-1:55- Playround

    1:55-2:10- Snack 

    2:10-3:10 Centers 

    3:10-3:20- Whole Group Circle 

    3:20-3:30- Departure 



    Program Times 

    Monday- Thursday 

    AM: 9:15-11:45 

    PM: 1:15-3:30 



    Brittnee Mckinley- Special Education Teacher 

    Jourdan Alexander- Paraprofessional 

    Irene Coulburn- Paraprofessional 

    Kristin Smidt- Speech and Language Pathologist 

    Adrianna Stapella- Occupational Therapist