• There are four main courses offered for band students at Sunset Ridge:

    1. 5th Grade Band

    This class is the introductory level to instrument playing. This beginner class focuses on fundamentals of each instrument and meets two times per week by small instrument groups (see schedule below). 5th graders have one 45-minute block during a special area class (music, art, PE). Special area classes are scheduled weekly, so the band student will miss ONE class per week. They will still have 4 regular contacts with art, music, or PE during that week. The second band contact is one 45-minute block during their RTI time, which is a homeroom time for additional assistance/support. Students should touch base with their teachers as to what they need to be making up for that slot of time they miss. Students do not miss core classes for band!

    5th Grade Band Schedule for 2023-2024



    2. 6th Grade Band

    This class is a continuation to our beginning band classes. It focuses on larger ensemble playing, dividing the band into three groups: brass, woodwinds, and percussion. Students will be pulled 2-3 times per week by section during a special area class. Special area classes are scheduled weekly, so the band student will be excused 2-3 times during that week but will still have 2-3 regular contacts with art and PE. Band students who are also in choir may not have art or PE due to the additional choir pull-out. It is expected that they keep up on any artwork or project based learning in their special areas classes. Students will perform in 2 concerts per year and may be nominated for DVUSD Honor Band as well as All-State Band. 

    6th Grade Band Schedule 2023-2024

    11-11:45am Quarter 1

    Monday - Woodwinds

    (combo with Tues Brass on weeks with no school Monday)

    Tuesday - Brass

    Wednesday - Percussion

    Thursday - Brass & Woodwinds

    Friday - Percussion


    3. Percussion Ensemble - Middle School

    Percussion Ensemble is coming back to Sunset Ridge. This 1st hour middle school course is comprised of 7th and 8th grade students who wish to learn the ins and outs of percussion. Students will learn snare drum and mallet techniques while studying etudes, percussion only music, and full concert band pieces. Auxiliary instruments will be introduced as needed (cymbals, bass drum, timpani, and more!). No prior experience is needed. Students who play a wind instrument are able to do BOTH bands (percussion and wind ensembles. Students will need bell kits to participate in the course (xylophones and practice pads). A rotation of instruments will be set up so they do not need to bring them every single day, but rather weekly. We will incorporate use of school owned equipment as much as possible! 

    4. Wind Ensemble

    Wind Ensemble is our varsity band ensemble. It is comprised of all 7th and 8th grade students who are continuing on their instruments. Students in this ensemble can expect to focus in on tone production, embouchure formation, and technique necessary to perform appropriate grade level music. This is a step up from elementary level ensembles! This group will perform multiple concerts per year and is our main group that performs at the district level.This course is open to all middle school students at Sunset Ridge, but be advised, the class is comprised of students in the 3rd and 4th year of study on their instruments. While students are more than capable to join in year 3 or 4, it does require additional work to learn the fundamentals of the instrument to be able to perform at the given class level. Students in this course must have the book (instrument supply list coming soon!) as well as their instrument and all necessary items for their instrument to function and be taken care of. Woodwinds will need reeds, silk swabs, and cork grease in most cases. Brass will need valve oil and slide cream in most cases. School owned instruments may be available for those who are unable to rent from Milano Music, Allegro Music, or Music & Arts. No method book is needed for the 2023-2024 school year.

    Supply List 2023-2024

    Milano Supply Pricing Info 2023-2024