• "Star Words", also known as high frequency words or word wall words, are words that are most commonly seen in print. These are words that your child will need to learn to read from sight (memory). A majority of the time these words do not follow the common letter/sound patterns that we are learning in kindergarten and cannot be sounded out. We will be introducing 2-3 new words every two weeks. The words will be listed on your child's homework sheet. Please be sure to watch for them and help your child practice reading them quickly and without sounding them out. When reading to your child, pointing out the words as you come across them will help them become more familiar with them and soon they will recognize them on their own. As your child masters these words and begins to put letters and sounds together they will be on their way to reading.

    Date:                                          Star Words:

    Aug. 7, 2019                               am, I

    Aug. 18, 2019                             the, little

    Sept. 3, 2019                              a, to

    Sept. 15, 2019                            have, is

    Sept. 30, 2019                            we, like, my

    Oct. 15, 2019                              he, for 

    Oct. 28, 2019                              she, with, me

    Nov. 12, 2019                              look, see

    Dec. 2, 2019                                they, you, of

    Jan. 6, 2020                                that, do, are

    Jan. 21, 2020                              one, two, three, four, five

    Jan. 27, 2020                              what, said

    Feb. 10, 2020                              here, go, from

    March 9, 2020                             where, was, come