• Second Grade Curriculum Outline


    This year we will be using the reading program Reading Street. The program consists of 6 units, each with five stories, both fictional and informational. The informational texts  incorporate many of the concepts we will be studying in Science and Social Studies. We will complete one story each week throughout the year. We will introduce each new story on Fridays and will test on the following Thursday for the concepts covered in the lesson. In addition students will be exposed to small group reading instruction at their individual reading levels. Some of these activities will be teacher directed and others will be student centered.

    *Don't forget to read for 20 minutes each night

    Phonics & Spelling:

    We will be using Words Their Way for our Phonics/Spelling program. We will learn new spelling patterns and review those learned in first grade. We will also be adding trick words to our word lists; trick words are those words that do not follow the normal spelling  patterns. Spelling lists will come home on Fridays and tests will be given on the following Thursday.

    *Pick one way from the WTW choice board to practice your words each night 


    Our school uses a combination of Thinking Maps and Write From the Beginning programs to help students learn to construct writing pieces. We will also be working on punctuation and grammar skills throughout the year. I also like to have children use their imaginations in creating writing from pictures; either with pictures I have given them or pictures they have created on their own. We will also be using a program called multi sensory grammar to teach the parts of speech.


    For Math we will be using the Eureka Math program. This program has been aligned to follow the new Common Core State Standards. This program utilizes Smart Bards, white boards, dice, dominoes, cards, and technology as well as hands on math manipulative to help students learn and problem solve concepts through real meaningful experiences.

    *For math homework help you can go on youtube and search for "second grade eureka math module __ lesson ___" to get videos of step by step examples.


    In Science this year we will use a hands on program call FOSS. In second grade we study liquids and solids, air and weather followed by insects.