The responsibility for school attendance rests with you and your parents, with the school assisting you to fulfill that responsibility.  Arizona law requires students to attend school through the tenth grade or age sixteen.  The right and privilege of attending public school carries with it certain responsibilities on the part of both parents and students.  It is the responsibility of school personnel to keep the parents informed of actions that might have a detrimental effect upon the educational growth of individual students. The benefit of lectures, activities, discussion and participation cannot be replicated and is lost forever to those who are absent.  Students should attend school daily.        


     It is expected your parent/guardian will call the Attendance Office each day a student is absent.  Absences should be reported within 24 hours.  Phone calls will only be accepted until 2:30 p.m. of the day following the absence.  PLEASE NOTE:  TELEPHONE CALLS ACCEPTED ONLY, WE DO NOT ACCEPT NOTES.  Please call the Attendance Line and leave a voice mail, the attendance number is: 623-445-3090 (24 hour recorder).   

     If a student misses one or more classes, a computer generated phone call is attempted to a designated phone number.  If the student is ill or had another documented reason for the absence, a parent must call to excuse the absence or it will be unexcused. Note: the phone system only calls if a student has missed twenty minutes or more of a class period. The system will not call for tardies or if a student has missed less than twenty minutes of a class period.


    Students are expected to arrive to school on time.  If, however, a student is going to be late to school, arriving to class after the final bell, a parent must accompany the student to the office in order to obtain a pass to class.  Excused late arrivals for personal reasons must be limited to two each quarter.  Any exceptions will be handled in the Administrative Offices.

    If a student has an appointment slip, etc. from a doctor, dentist or other documented appointment to show in the office, a pass to class will be issued.   

    Students must sign in at the attendance office in order to receive their pass and be excused.    Please note, if a student is more than twenty minutes late to any class due to an excused tardy, that period is counted as an excused absence and will count against the limits of the attendance policy.


    For the protection of our students, no student will be called to the office to await pick up.  Please allow ample time for the sign out procedure prior to the reason for leaving.   All Freshmen and Sophomore students must have a parent/guardian come in to the office, present photo identification and sign the student out.

    It is the preference of Barry Goldwater High School not to release students without a parent or guardian present. In the unlikely event a Junior or Senior student must leave early for an appointment, a parent/guardian must call the office in advance to secure a “pass to leave campus”.   You may be asked to submit a faxed photo-copy of your ID with your request in order to release your student.   All students leaving campus must sign out in the attendance office to excuse the absence.


    The following contact will be made to parents/guardians regarding attendance.

    1. Teacher phone call(s)
    2. Unexcused absences - computer telephone call and lunch detention or after school detention.
    3. 5th absence - Parent/guardian will be contacted by mail and/or automated telephone call and student may be placed on an attendance contract.
    4. If contract is violated student/guardian and designee will meet and discuss protocol necessary for student to attend school.
    5. Student will confer with an administrator andloss of credit may be issued upon reaching twelve (12) absences in any class/period or 10% of semester per ARS 15-803.



    Arizona State law says that it is unlawful for any child between the ages of six and sixteen to fail to attend school during the hours school is in session, unless there is a valid excuse.   This child will be considered truant when there is not a good reason for not attending school.  If a parent fails to ensure that the child attend school, the law states that they are guilty of a Class III (3) Misdemeanor.  When a parent does not provide a valid excuse for the child’s absence, a law enforcement officer may cite the student, parent or custodian directly into court for violating the state truancy law. (Re: A.R.S. 15-802, 15-803, and 15-804)

    A habitually truant student is a student between the ages of six and sixteen who has five (5) days of unexcused absences or five (5) unexcused absences from class within a single school year. (Re: A.R.S. 15-803, C.1.)  A student who is habitually truant from school may be issued a criminal citation.  An administrator or administrative designee will attempt to notify the parents that the citation may be issued, and the parent will be required to appear in court with the student.

    As per state guidelines, if your child reaches 10 consecutive absences, they will be dropped from their classes.

    For students under 16 years of age, a Truancy Citation or citation to the CUTS program may be issued if a student misses a class unexcused for five days.

    *Students with excessive excused absences will be required to provide medical documentation to remain in class and to excuse any further absences.  If additional absences occur and no medical documentation is provided, credit may be withheld.  If a medical exemption is given for the first semester it may not carry over into the second semester.

    Any student may be placed on an Attendance Contract upon reaching a total of four unexcused absences or twelve total absences.


    Students are expected to be to class on time daily.  If students arrive late to class after the final bell teachers may issue lunch detentions.  If the student does not serve the lunch detention the consequence will be escalated to an after school detention and possibly an In-School Suspension (ISS). Documentation for tardies is always preferred, i.e. a doctor’s note, a court document, etc.

    The following processes will be in implemented by all staff:

    • 1-5 tardies the teacher will notify the ISS Room of date that student will serve lunch detention
    • After a student has accumulated a total of 5 lunch detentions, after school detentions will be issued. Parent contacted
    • After a student has accumulated a total of 2 after school detentions, an office referral will be generated and student may receive In School Suspension, On Campus Reassignment, or Suspension Off Campus.

    If a student arrives to class 5 minutes or more after the final bell, the student is considered tardy and will be reassigned to the ISS room for the remainder of the hour.  Once a student has been tardy and sent to ISS five (5) times the consequences will escalate to a referral for each tardy occurrence thereafter.

    If a student is tardy for 20 minutes or more, it is considered an unexcused absence.  Students will be issued a pass to the ISS room for the remainder of the hour.

    Tardies are re-calculated at the beginning of each semester. A teacher may recognize positive changes in student behavior regarding tardies and initiate teacher discretion strategies at the beginning levels.


    When a teacher or administrator issues Loss of Credit, a student may appeal to the Assistant Principal responsible for attendance to request reinstatement of credit in that class.  The student must write a Letter of Appeal to the Assistant Principal in charge of attendance within two school days to complete the appeal process.  If the appeal is denied and the student does lose credit in a class, he/she must continue to attend the class.