• Barry Goldwater High School

    Attendance Procedures

    Attendance Line 623-445-3090

    To report FULL Day Absences for your student, CLICK HERE NOW 



    Parent/Guardian must call a student in absent within 24 hours from the date of absence.  Personal handwritten notes will not be accepted at any time.


    Late Arrivals

    Students who arrive on campus after the first 10 minutes of class starting will be marked Excused or Unexcused absence. 

    Excused Absence need one of the following:

    • A Parent/guardian sign student in
    • Medical Documentation if student is at an appointment prior to arriving on campus

    Unexcused Absence   Parent/guardian do not sign student in or no medical documentation provided


    No Late or Tardy phone calls or written notes will be accepted at any time


    Sign Out/Early Dismissal

    Parent/Guardian must come to the front office and show photo ID before a student will be released

    Please allow ample time to pick your student up for early dismissal.  Student cannot be called up to the office ahead of time to await arrival of parent/guardian.

    Please make prior arrangements with your student to come to the front office between periods.


    Driving Students Early Dismissal

    Parent/Guardian may request an early dismissal for a driving student to leave campus.  A call must be received prior to the time your student needs to be dismissed.  Please call the front office 623-445-3299 or attendance clerk 623-445-3007 to secure an early dismissal pass.

    Student must come to the attendance/front office to receive a dismissal pass and be excused.


    • Student arriving late or departing early school must sign in and out each and every time at the attendance/front office
    • For more specific details about the attendance policy, please refer to the student handbook or the BGHS website under the our school tab-attendance policy
    • Attendance line is available 24 hours a day – 623-445-3090
    • For further assistance or question please call the attendance clerk at 623-445-3007 or the main office at 623-445-3299