• Assignments: Students will be given prior notice for when assignments are due. Late work will result in a penalty. For each day the assignment is not turned in, 10% will be taken off the final grade. After five days of not being turned in, the max grade one can receive for an assignment is 50%. If you are absent on a day I assign homework or absent the day it is due, there will be no grade penalties. With that being said, I design my lessons to limit outside school work. I will post assignments weekly on my class website as well as canvas. Students and or parents are encouraged to email me with any questions or concerns they may have. I check my email regularly throughout the day and night. I will not respond to any emails past 7 p.m. If you wish to talk on the phone, please send me an email first so we can set up a date and time to do so. These expectations are designed and incorporated to better prepare these young adults for high school.

    Materials: The materials students will need at all times are as followed:

    1. A pen/pencil for notes and writing assignments
    2. A spiral notebook
      1. I suggest college ruled notebooks that way you never run out of space for notes
      2. Leave an area in your notebook designated for bell work.
    3. A highlighter for annotating articles/documents

    Students should come to class with these materials EVERYDAY.  

    Classroom Rules and Conduct: There are a series of classroom and campus expectations that students will need to follow at all times.

    1. All students are expected to be respectful to one another
    2. Be ready to participate
    3. No phones/electronic devices out unless instructed. There will be times where your phone is appropriate to be out.
    4. Give your best effort each and every day in my class

    If a student is not following the classroom expectations, he/she will be subjected to consequences for disrupting the learning environment. Failure to follow the classroom expectations will result in:

    1. A reminder to follow the classroom rules/expectations
    2. A talk after class with me
    3. A phone call/email home
    4. A referral