•  English Language Arts

    Hello Diamond Canyon community! 

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year, in room 711 we will be jumping right into our learning by beginning to develop our critical thinking skills and cultivating our growth mindsets. In the course of the term we will be handling a range of literary and informational texts, crafting diverse writing samples, and strengthening our speaking and listening skills in order to showcase our mastery of learning goals created within each class period. 

    In addition to ELA, room 711 will also play host to the riveting subject of Computer Applications! Students will be strengthening their existing technological abilities through the undertaking of different computer based tasks. Early examples of these tasks will be the creation of infographics educating others on the importance of internet safety as well as honing their typing and critical thinking abilities through short research projects and online discussion questions through Canvas. 

    My hope for all students coming into my classroom is that they come willing to navigate ELA and Computer Applications with an energetic mentality that presses them to do their best work, while understanding that all tasks will not be easy the first time they are attempted.