• 8th Grade English

    Daily Routine

    Entering the Classroom

    Enter the classrom quietly, and with positive energy! Each day is a new beginning, and I am here to guide you!

    You must be in the room before the bell rings. Students who arrive after the bell rings will be marked tardy. Three tardies in the 8th grade equals a detention. First hour will form a line outside of my room and wait for me to open the door. Students will take their assigned seat, and will begin with Bell Work, which will take approximately 5-10 minutes prior to beginning the class lesson.  Lessons/Assignments by the month are posted on the Class Homepage.


    Students need to come to class prepared to learn with paper and pencil. Pen is permitted, but only black or blue. No Colored Pens or Pencils allowed on assignments.

    All in-class assignments are due at the end of the period. All unfinished work will be taken home to be completed, and due the next day at the beginning of class. 10% will be deducted for each day late. If the work is not handed in during the week it is due, it will be a zero.  In class, we will be writing many Informative/Explanatory, and Argumentative/Research papers. Students will be working on these assignments in class, but will need more time for writing and/or research, therefore there will be work at home, and printing out the papers will be required for certain assignments. 

    The class will be reading short stories, and having classroom discussion and worksheets, from the Collection textbook in the classroom. There will be study of grammar/conventions, complex/compound sentences, outlines, in-text citations, creating a works cited page, and learning how to format and write a research paper. 

    Students will be reading novels throughout the year.  I do have the books available in the classroom, but if your child would like to write/highlight in the book, s/he will need to have purchased their own copy.

    Students will be reading:  The Outsiders (1st Quarter), Fahrenheit 451 (3rd Quarter), and Animal Farm (4th Quarter). Parllel Journeys will be read in Social Studies class during 2nd Quarter.

     Assessments (Tests, Quizzes, etc.) 40%

    Projects (Papers, Hands-On Creative Projects) 40%

    Classroom Assignments/Homework 20%


    The day the student returns from being absent, it is their responsibility to find out what was missed. The number of days a student is absent, plus the day s/he returns, equals the number of days the student has to turn in the work.


    Assessments, which can be a class assignment, quiz or test, will be given every Friday.  This will cover what he students have learned that week.  I will introduce the topic on Mondays, and have a review on Thursdays. Schedule may change due to half days/days off.  Announcement will be made in class of any changes.  

    Personal Devices

    Recording, or pictures, are not permitted by students in class.  There is not a need for phones to be out of the student's backpack.

    As stated on page 14 of the Diamond Canyon Student Handbook 2019/2020:

    Many students want to have the privilege of carrying electronic devices on campus. With that privilege comes the responsibility of ensuring that those items are not used on campus or on a bus.  If they are on and make a noise or vibrate, or otherwise call attention to themselves, the device is creating disruption. These items must be in the off position and be kept out of sight. Misuse of electronic devices may result in confiscation of the device as well as discipline procedures.

    1st referrel: Confiscation and Student Pick-Up (at front office)

    2nd referral: Confiscation and Parent Pick-Up (at front office)

    3rd referral: Confiscation, Parent Pick-Up & Detention (at front office)

    Further referrals will result in Disciplinary action


    For help with class or homework, students can meet me on Wednesdays at 8am, or by appointment.

    Parent/Teacher Meeting

    I need to know two days in advance if a parent wants to meet before or after school. I can also set up a conference over the phone by appointment.

    Final Note

    Our classroom is a space where students should feel safe and comfortable so that learning is maximized, and enjoyable. Students who need additional support are welcome to share and communicate with me at any time.