Welcome to Ms. Grealish's 5th Grade Math Classroom

About Me
  • Communication is Key

    1. I am most easily reachable through my Diamond Canyon email: Megan.Grealish@dvusd.org Feel free to reach out to me with any comments or concerns you may have for me throughout this year! I will do my best to respond as quickly as I can.
    2. Student Agenda/Home Binder. Your child will have an agenda to record general assignments and reminders when necessary. Your child will also have a home folder he or she will take back and forth from school to home. Check the home folder daily for important announcements from the school, forms to be filled out, classwork your child has completed, etc. Even if there’s nothing in it, it’s important to bring it back and forth and check it each day to set the routine!
  • Homework

    Kids need time to be kids, spend time with their families and explore other interests outside of school. We will work incredibly hard in class and won't have much down time; therefore, homework will be purposeful and minimal. If a student exhibits off-task behaviors during the school day and fails to complete an assignment, the assignment will be sent home for completion.


    The supplies list is posted on the DC website. If you have any questions, please email me!

    Schedule and Attendance

    Students need to be in their seats ready for class by 8:45 am each morning. We start learning the minute the bell rings, so it's helpful if students have at least 5 minutes to settle in before.

    We fully empathize that unforeseen absences are a part of life, so if your child is going to be absent, please let us know in advance if possible. In these cases, I will provide practice as well as missed assignments that will help you and your child learn with us.

    Final Thoughts

    Again, if you have any special questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email (fastest, most reliable form of communication), make an appointment after school, or send a note with your child. I will be giving out information surveys to each student in order to get to know each student better right away. I can’t wait to meet your child and learn with them this year.

    Fifth Grade, Here We Come!

    Best Wishes,


    Ms. Grealish