• Welcome to room 411

    In This Learning Center We:

    Are kind

    give compliments

    are honest

    laugh a lot

    make mistakes, and learn from them

    are Respectful

    have big dreams

    work hard

    are A family









    We will have online "office hours" via Zoom with the class Monday-Thursday from 1:00-2:00pm. Then on Fridays individually after 12:00, by appointment. 

    I will be putting Zoom Information on here as I create it. 

    This is a learning curve for myself, everyone in the family, and the school. I hope that you will tell me what is working, and what is not working so that I can help the best that I can. If you are not on Class Dojo and need my email, it is allison.tedford@dvusd.org. I will respond within 24 hours, but usually it is sooner.

    Next steps:

    -Download Zoom