• Clip Chart

    Our class uses a colored clip chart to track behavioral progress each day. My goal is to encourage and recognize positive behaviors throughout the day!

    To do this, your child will be able to "Clip Up" at intervals to help them see that they are on the right track with classroom expectations.



    smile WAYS TO CLIP UP: 

    *Positive attitude           *Showing compassion                                                   

    *Helping others        *Demonstrating responsibility        *Participating                                                 

    *Showing respect         *Staying focused and concentrating

    *Doing your best work           *Keeping desk, classroom and materials organized




    WAYS TO CLIP DOWN: (after one or more reminders)

    *Consistently not following directions

    *Keeping others from learning

    *Not following school rules meant to keep us safe

    *Arguing or forgetting to be respectful

    *Not getting schoolwork completed in a timely manner due to being off task



    My policy is to deal with classroom behaviors in the classroom as much as possible. On occassion, it may be appropriate to chat with a parent after school, via email or phone call.



    Warm Fuzzy Store

    How often: About once a week, time permitting.

    star What can the chidren "buy":   Small treasures such as erasers, cute pencils, small treats and privilege tickets to be used in class.

    Donations: We are always in need of small donations to help keep our Warm Fuzzy Treasure Box well stocked! 

    Ideas: Stickers, cute pencils, silly straws, small candies, small party favors, flashcards (pretty much anything from the Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Spot or 99 cent store!)