•  Every day is a blank slate!

    Positive attitudes and behaviors are modeled and the expected here! We do our best to be our best. Mistakes happen, but we learn and move on.

    We don't say, "I can't." We say, "I can't YET, but I will TRY." 

    Mrs. McCormick LOVES great manners, kindness and those who help others!

    When someone is struggling, we help them. When someone is sad, we comfort them. When someone is succeeding, we cheer for them! 



  • Clip Chart

    Our class uses a colored clip chart to track behavioral progress each day. My goal is to encourage and recognize positive behaviors throughout the day!

    To do this, your child will be able to "Clip Up" at intervals to help them see that they are on the right track with classroom expectations.


    This chart also helps determing how many Warm Fuzzies your child earned that day.


    *Positive attitude

    *Helping others

    *Showing respect

    *Doing your best work

    *Showing compassion

    *Demonstrating responsibility


    *Staying focused and concentrating


    *Consistently not following directions

    *Keeping others from learning

    *Not following school rules meant to keep us safe

    *Arguing or forgetting to be respectful

    *Not getting schoolwork completed in a timely manner due to being off task


    My policy is to deal with classroom behaviors in the classroom as much as possible.

    On occassion, it may be appropriate to chat with a parent after school, via email or phone call.


  • Warm Fuzzy Store

    The children use the fuzzies they have earned throughout the week to buy small treasure box items.

    (small treats, toys and privilege tickets to be used in class)

    Donations: We are always in need of small donations to help keep our Warm Fuzzy Treasure Box well stocked! 

    Ideas: Stickers, bubbles, silly straws, small candies, small party favors, flashcards (pretty much anything from the Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Spot or 99 cent store!)



  • Bear Bucks and Bear Buck Store

    In addition to Warm Fuzzies earned in the classroom, your child may also earn Bear Bucks! 

    Bear Bucks are used school wide and come in $1 and $2 denominations. These are given for amazing behavior and kindness!

    Students collect their Bear Bucks until it is time for the Bear Buck Store, hosted by our fabulous PTSO. The kiddos LOVE Bear Buck Store!

    It takes a lot of help and volunteers to keep the Bear Buck Stores going throughout the year. If there are not enough volunteers to safely and effectively run the store, unfortunately it has to be cancelled until the next time, leaving a lot of sad little people who have worked hard to earn those coveted Bear Bucks and are ready to shop.


    You can click on this link to see what the dates are for the store this year. The first store is Thursday, September 19.

    PTSO Calendar of Events

    Please consider volunteering at at least one Bear Buck Store this year!