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    Posted by Andrea Kinzler on 8/7/2019

    Dear Students and Families,

    Below you will find information about supplies, curriculum, and expectations for 8th grade English Language Arts at Norterra Canyon for the 2019-2020 school year. Along with all of our academic goals, we aim to prepare students for the higher expectations of high school. There will be a strong focus on study skills, organization, and time management in the first quarter, to help students develop positive habits. We are excited to see our students grow into more independent learners, and we will do all we can to support them in that process. Of course, with increased independence comes increased responsibility. I am sure that our 8th grade students will rise to the occasion and make themselves, their families, and their school proud.


    Ms. Kinzler


    Phone 623-445-8274

    Textbooks and Suggested Materials

    Collections (Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt)

    Roundtable, Level 3 (Junior Great Books)

    Binder with loose-leaf paper

    Pencils, pens (blue or black, and red), and highlighters

    Post-it notes

    Index cards

    *Any donations of facial tissues and/or Clorox wipes would be greatly appreciated as well.


    Course Objectives

    Using the IB MYP course format, students will develop skills in reading informational text and literature, writing, listening and speaking, and language conventions. Students will be able to create strong arguments using textual evidence to support analyses. Students will be able to identify and discuss various elements and genres of literature. Students will improve vocabulary and comprehension skills, and develop speaking and listening skills through shared inquiry and class presentations.

    Classroom Expectations

    Be prompt.     We show respect for ourselves and others by being on time to class.

    Be prepared.     We are responsible and always arrive ready to learn.

    Be polite.     We are careful with all people and property in our classroom.

    We also follow all other rules outlined in the DVUSD Student Handbook.


    Assignment Expectations

    Handwriting must be legible and work must be complete.  Typed work must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Times New Roman, 12 point font
    • Double-spaced, standard margins
    • Black ink only
    • Students who prefer to share their essays via Google Docs may do so using the email address Andrea.Kinzler@dvusd.org


    IB MYP Grading

    Please remember that any percentages in Powerschool are not indicators of current levels of achievement. Please check the 'Snapshot' grade for current levels of achievement prior to the release of quarterly report cards.
    Details about the IB MYP grading system may be found beginning on p. 3 of your student's Norterra Canyon Agenda. If you have any questions regarding this system, please contact Mrs. Jennifer Hermanson, our Assistant Principal.


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