• 2018-19 Stetson Hills Physical Education Syllabus

    Mr. Corkle, Mr. Shaffer, Mrs.Brnilovich



    The purpose of this course is to develop competence in: (a) physical fitness, (b) body management skills, (c) participation skills, (d) health, (e) social behavior, and (f) strategies for physical activities.



    1. The student will be able to demonstrate competency in many movement forms and several forms of physical activity.

    2. The student will apply concepts and principles of body movement to the development of motor skills.

    3. The student will analyze the benefits of regular participation in physical activity.

    4. The student will achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

    5. The student will demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity.

    6. The student will understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenges, and self-expression.



    1. Listen and follow directions                           7. Respect others

    2. Participate in all class activities                      8. Keep hands to yourself

    3. Be on time for class and roll call                    9. Have good personal hygiene

    4. Be responsible for personal belongings           10. Have a positive attitude

    5. Respect other students’ belongings                 11. No Gum, Food or Liquids (except for water)

    6. DO NOT leave class w/o permission.             12. No spray cans of any kind

       (this means the water fountain too)                  13. No breakable products (glass)



    1st Offense – Verbal warning

    2nd Offense – Sit out of activity w/loss of participation points

    3rd Offense – Lunch detention and sent to buddy room



    If a student is late or not near their squad line, they are also considered tardy. The first tardy is a warning, the second tardy results in a note or phone call home, the third tardy is a lunch detention, and the fourth tardy and subsequent tardies thereafter result in automatic administrative referrals.




    Students are expected to wear clothes and close-toed shoes every single day of class. If a student is in violation of dress code they will be sent to the nurse. If a student is in violation of dress code 3 times in any given marking period the parent will be contacted. The 4th time a student violates dress code in a marking period a lunch detention will be given. The 5th time a student violates dress code in a marking period they will be given an office referral. This process will start over every 9 weeks or 1 quarter of the school year.



    Students will be given both physical fitness tests and written tests periodically throughout the year. Students will be required to keep their physical test scores in their PE journal. For written tests, students will be given a study guide to take home and return back to their teacher for an extra credit point. Tests will be based off of a 3 week unit



    There are to be no electronic devises out during the PE class. Students are to utilize their bags during the class period to keep their electronic devises secure. There is to be absolutely no photo/video taking in the locker room.







    A doctor’s/nurse’s note is needed to excuse a student from dressing out. However, if the doctor’s note indicates the student can participate on a limited basis they would be required to dress out. If the doctor’s note completely excuses participation the student will be given an alternate assignment (Journal Entry, Book Report, Current Events in Sports, Health/Fitness Regimes, History of the Games, etc…). This is strictly a participation grade. If your student is participating in class (active or non-active) they will still have the opportunity to obtain an “A” in P.E. class. A parent note can excuse a student for two days. If the excuse is longer than two days, it needs to be filed with the school nurse, preferably with some sort of doctor documentation.


    Thank you,

    Mr. Corkle (John.corkle@dvusd.org),