2021-22 Syllabus

    Sunrise Citizen’s Oath


    I do solemnly promise that I will uphold the laws of Sunrise Elementary school.

    I will promote citizenship, peace, and justice by what I say and what I do.

    I’ll begin with respect.

    I will respect myself and others.

    I will choose cooperation over rivalry.

    I will choose kindness over gossip and name calling.

    I will choose to give compliments rather than insults of put downs.

    I will keep from fighting or bullying

    and expect others to do the same.

    I’ll set an example by doing the right thing.

    Should I forget or make a poor choice,

    I promise to correct my mistakes and begin again

    to be a good citizen of Sunrise.



    It's a matter of PRIDE.



    Graduating lifelong learners who will successfully compete, lead and positively impact the world.



    Our mission at Sunrise is to create an educational environment that focuses on students' social, emotional, and academic success.



    Respect: We treat each other with dignity.

    Accountability: We fulfill our commitments.

    Integrity: We are honest and ethical.

    Student Driven: We put students first.

    Excellence: We strive to be extraordinary.