Sierra Verde STEM Academy Grading Policy



    Grading Philosophy

    The purpose of the gradebook is to tell a story of student learning. The primary goal of grading is to provide feedback regarding proficiency of the Arizona State Content Standards. Grading practices at Sierra Verde measure a student's performance with respect to achieving proficiency on the state standards and align with the Deer Valley district's Promotion, Retention, and Grading Handbook (PRAG). When parents and students review quarterly grades, the information is a summative reflection of these grading practices and guidelines. Power School is the district's official online gradebook.  

    Students Role in Learning

    • Complete learning progressions and practice work when assigned and request help from your teachers when/if you have a misunderstanding.
    • Take advantage of opportunities to redo assessments to demonstrate proficiency levels of the standards.
    • Check PowerSchool regularly to monitor your progress.
    • Analyze your own study habits and figure out what works for you.

    Teacher's Role in Learning

    • Teachers will design assignments, assessments and learning opportunities that meet the Arizona State Content Standards.
    • Provide timely feedback and communication to students and parents.
    • Follow the DVUSD PRAG guidelines for their grade level band.
    • Communicate retake policies through their grade level handbooks/websites, etc.

    Parent's Role in Learning

    • Help manage your child’s time for assignments to be completed.
    • Provide a suitable study environment.
    • Sign necessary forms that are part of the teacher’s/grade level’s retake policies.
    • Check PowerSchool regularly to monitor student’s progress on each content standard.

    Sierra Verde Norms

    • All students can learn (but at different rates).
    • Different students take different roads to reach proficiency.
    • Learning is continuous.
    • Grades are based on academics (not behaviors).
    • Students are accountable for learning.
    • Students will be assessed individually (even when working in groups).

    Sierra Verde Grading Criteria

    • PowerSchool Categories:   Assessments 80% & Learning Progressions 20%
    • Missing work will be assigned 49% 
    • Introductory skills (pretests) are not used for a grade.
    • Assessment retakes are per teacher’s policy.

    Grading Scale